Saturday, November 21, 2015

Victorian Paper Doll Ball Gown

Mercy's wardrobe has grown again this week!

Miss Mercy Pendleton has been invited by the family of her husband-to-be to attend a very special occasion. For this event, her mother has had a lovely new gown made especially for her. This will be her very first truly grown up evening dress. The pearls at her throat are her mother's, on loan for the evening. Her folding fan is made of dyed mother of pearl to match the tone of her gown.

We can smell her lovely tea rose perfume wafting on the evening air as she passes us on her way to her carriage. Her fiancĂ©, Mr. Tom De Haven, is ever the gentleman. He is helping her on with her evening wrap, and then lending her his arm as they walk out onto the front steps.

This will be a very exciting evening for young Mercy. Many of Tom's relatives and friends are expected to be there. There is to be a light supper, followed by dancing. Everybody in Tom's social set will be there. This will include some of his associates from the British Museum in London, as well as a number of scholars and teachers from King's College, London. This school is a forward thinking place of learning, wherein women have been allowed to study already for over a decade (this story is mainly set in the year 1893-1894).

Happy Dancing Creativity!

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