Monday, November 30, 2015

Free Paper Doll Shopping Outfit

An outing with some shopping for Victoria

A guest has come to stay for a while at Grandmother Lacey's stately home in London. It is Victoria's favorite aunt, Aunt Mattie. The two have just been shopping at their favorite Millinery shop, to buy some spools of lovely ribbon. The ribbon will soon be made by Aunt Mattie, Grandmother Lacey and Victoria into lengths of hair ribbon for the girls of a school for impoverished children. Other things will be given to each child, including small toiletry kits. There will  also be socks for the boys.

The kitten playing  with the length of bright ribbon in Victoria's hands is one of the new brood which the cook's cat is mothering. The little scamp must surely have escaped from the warmth and dull security of the comfortable box near the kitchen stove. Somehow, I do not think that Victoria minds having a little fur ball romping at her feet, do you?

Happy Shopping Creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: Shopping with Aunt Mattie

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