Monday, November 9, 2015

Coloring Page: a Lady on Horseback!

Color Me an Autumn Ride!

I loved to color when I was a child. It's still an enjoyable pastime for me and many others of all ages. Please see the red letter Guidelines below. Thank you.

I've had to re-make the horse's belly for this one, along with the girth strap there, as the original had been drawn to be either incomplete, or else was simply badly rendered. This required me to remember the anatomy of horses in general. While I am not entirely satisfied with it, I think that it's now somewhat better than it was before I began to fix its looks.

In fact, it would be more fit to actually be riding! You see, the girth strap is the main force which keeps the saddle in place. The way that it had been first done, however, there was a wickedly big gap between the horse's "barrel" (or rib area), and the strap! This meant that the lady perched atop the horse's back, in all her finery, would probably have very quickly landed in that brook she's jumping her horse over!

Now that both look much safer performing their exciting leap over the water, I feel at last a bit better about the safety of both horse and rider.

I am prepared to offer two color ways for this one: Black & White and Sepia. I will post the Sepia one here first.

Happy Horseback Ride!

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