Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Free New Paper Doll Teatime Outfit

A Special Gift from Victoria's Grandmother

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The Story
Today is a very special day for Victoria Lacey, the imaginary orphaned young lady. She has kept her promise to her Grandmother Lacey to become a little bit more aware of her responsibilities as an older girl ought to do. She is showing a great deal of promise in her studies of various languages, along with history and geography. Because of these things she's been doing, her grandmother is quite pleased with her growth as a young person.

To show her just how very pleased she is making her whole extended family in both Great Britain and America (you'll recall that she has relatives on both sides of the Atlantic ocean), Grandmother Lacey has given her a lovely article of clothing which she's kept for just such an occasion.

It is teatime, and the cook is off duty for the evening. As Victoria is preparing a pleasant teatime repast, her Grandmother Lacey comes upon her from behind with a box that has been tied shut for nearly fourteen years.

Victoria is astonished, yet she accepts the gift with genuine joy. You see, dear reader, inside the pretty old box is an apron that had once been her mother's. In fact, the apron was made by none other than Grandmother Lacey herself for Victoria's American mother, Amy Lacey.

Now, Amy Lacey had been a great beauty in her day, as well as a sportswoman and a scholar, so we can see where Victoria has acquired many strong character traits, can't we?

The bows at the side of the skirt of the apron have been replaced by Grandmother Lacey, and the lovely old fashioned apron of 1870's origin is now Victoria's, to wear at home.

The two are having their lovely tea. A few finger sandwiches, followed by a special cherry pie is their favorite way of enjoying a quiet and more private evening whenever the household staff is away for an evening. Why is this pie special? It is dear to both of our tea drinkers because the recipe for that cherry pie was brought across the Atlantic by Victoria's mother not long after she'd married Victoria's father (and Grandmother Lacey's son). As for the cherries themselves, these were bottled ( some would call it either canned or jarred) by her Aunt Martha using cherries from the very same orchard in which Martha and Amy had played together as young girls.

Outside the rear windows of Grandmother Lacey's London townhouse one may yet see the tree which grew from a cherry stone which Victoria's mother herself had planted prior to her daughter's birth. When it is springtime, lovely snowy blossoms glow upon every twig of that tree, and the little birds that nest in its branches sing sweet songs to the sky every fine day.

The two ladies, one older and graying, the other with her entire adult life yet to be lived, sit gladly sipping warming cups of tea and talking of old memories.

The End

Happy Teatime Creativity!

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