Sunday, May 31, 2015

Art is a Manly Sport

Can It Be "Manly" to Make Art?

We here at PPS do see it as an adventure in which anyone may share. To enjoy the creative process is a human quality, shared by few animals, to be sure.

So is it a manly pursuit, to make art?

Of course it is!

We offer our first "manly" blog candy ever in hopes of increasing more interest in creative blogging and art-making in the men among us.
So move over, ladies, and let's make some room for our friends, the gents!
Happy Creativity!
Our Display Copy

Main image: pitcher and manager Clark "Old Fox" Griffith baseball card
manager Cincinnati National Team (The Reds) (card dates to 1911)
Source: Library of Congress
All altering of this image (including caption) copyright ©Plush Possum Studio

And here is the blog button size--FREE for use, and never for sale by anyone. This not for sale part is, of course, in order to keep things both legally upright and free. We appreciate how some of our guests do credit us or even send other people here via links. We like to do that for others, too!
(You can even grab this blog's URL and use it for a link with this button, if you wish to)

Actual Blog Button for use

You can add it as a gadget. Be sure and check the box which makes Blogger "shrink to fit,"otherwise it might be a bit too big. Of course, this will be determined by the size of your margin.

(He really looks like his nickname to me here)

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