Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Coloring Page: "I Am Perfectly Content."

The King's daughter finds a contented young man to be her prince.

There is a fragment of the story for this coloring page. It was so quaintly romantic and old fashioned, I simply had to include it.

The story reads as follows:

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" trees and the greener fields, in that dainty little cloud fleck-ing heavens blue up yonder like a bit of foam on a sunlit sea? Oh, no! I am rich enough, for all nature is mine—"

"And I am yours," said a sweet young voice.

The man looked up in surprise, and there before him, holding out her pretty hands toward him, stood the Princess Madge, who had slipped into the cell unnoticed. 

The man sprang to his feet, clasped the little hands in his, and said: I know not what you mean, sweet lady, when you say that you are mine; but oh, you are passing beautiful!" 

"Papa," called the princess, "this is quite dreadful. Quick, take off that ugly soldiers coat and tell him who we are and all about it!"

The king, starting as if from a dream, threw off the rough coat and hat and stepped forth into the beam of sunlight, resplendent in gold and ermine. "Thou dost not know me, my man? I am the king. Hast thou not read our last proclamation?"

"No, your Majesty; I never do read proclamations."

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"Then thou didst not know that the hand of the princess is offered to the first contented man who enters the palace?"

"No, your Majesty; I knew it not."

"Then know it now, and know, too, that thou art the man. To thee I give my daughter, together with half my kingdom. No, no—not a word. Thou deservest her. May you be happy!"

The prisoner, almost dumb with astonishment, almost dazed with joy, knelt and kissed the princess's white hands, then looked into her eyes and said: "Ah, well it is for me that I saw you not until now, for I should have been miserably discontented until you were mine! "

Happy Coloring Creativity!

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