Sunday, November 15, 2015

Decorative Recipe Card Set

Free Decorative Recipe Card Set

This will be the very first item in a new Category here at the Studio's blog entitled, "PPSGifts™."

Please see the red letter Guidelines following the 5 images. Thank you.

The collection shown below is in 5 sets of 4 cards per page. These will print onto any 8.5 inch by 11 inch page. It is recommended that card stock be used, rather than ordinary printer or copier paper. Your local Copy or Extension Center may have the proper equipment necessary to create your cards, if your home copier/printer does not offer a card stock setting.

For the accompanying Recipe Card File Divider Set, you may follow the link HERE. (There are 12 separate cards contained in 3 sets of 4)

Once cut (preferably using an office paper trimmer or home cropper), each card's dimensions should properly measure 3 inches by 5 inches in size. Simply follow the dotted cutting lines between the cards, and also cut away the colored border which surrounds each set of 4. I'd recommend cutting away the border first, prior to using the dividing lines that separate the cards form the center bands of white. It all depends upon the sort of cropping or cutting system you've got for this purpose.

Storage for the Cards
Storage systems abound for 3 inch by 5 inch recipe cards. I've found several in just a few minutes of looking online. For one of the best I've found thus far, you can visit the link HERE.

I prefer Matte Gel Medium over glue and even over my favorite Mod Podge for use in decorating such boxes. Liquitex is my brand of choice, although Golden brand is likewise very useful.

For the stamping crowd, the choice would be simple. The box could easily be inked all over, then stamped and/or embossed. I'd probably give it little feet of some sort on its underside, to keep it from getting damp or soiled by regular kitchen use. Clear Contact shelf paper (self adhesive) might also be useful. The beauty of such a system will be, that it could easily  be added to or subtracted from, and likewise that the box itself, if damaged, will be relatively easy to replace.

More to Come
Ultimately, I'd like to complete the set with a few divider options. These will hopefully be available here very soon. They are intended to be cute and to have tabs on which one may write various categories.

Here at the Studio's blog, there are also many colorful backgrounds and Collage Pages to choose from for a unique look. The Studio's Pretty Papers collection might actually be a fun way to start, especially if this is a gift. Wrapping paper, layers of torn tissue paper sheets, leftover wallpaper, fabric remnants etc., all can offer further suitable design options.

Happy Gift-giving Creativity!

PPSGifts™: Decorative Recipe Card Sets

Download Set 1 HERE

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Download Set 2 HERE

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Download Set 3 HERE

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Download Set 4 HERE

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Download Set 5 HERE

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You are free to:
Offer this set as a gift
to use it in your own kitchen.
You are not free to:
ever sell this set for any reason.
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