Friday, November 20, 2015

A New Paper Doll Friend for Victoria

Meet Victoria's Cousin and Very Best Friend, Miss Mercy Pendleton!

She may be somewhat older and a little bit wiser than Victoria, yet the two are very seldom apart during their free time. 

Mercy is soon to finish her studies alongside her younger cousin, and then will become the bride of Mr. Thomas DeHaven of London. Victoria is to be her Maid of Honor. Both young women are very enthusiastic about Mercy's wedding. 

Mercy is Grandmother Lacey's grand-niece. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. George Pendleton. Mrs. Pendleton, whom nearly everyone affectionately calls simply Clara, has been busy making plans for the big day for her daughter.

Meanwhile, there is still school to attend, among other duties, making Mercy a very busy young lady, indeed. Her piano lessons have had to be dropped in favor of exercise and fresh air on horseback in Hyde Park, so busy has she become in recent weeks.

Often, the two cousins have stayed at each other's homes, or visited other relatives in the countryside together. Their adventures with horses, bicycles and tree climbing have given them a certain reputation for running a little bit wild when younger. Nowadays, however, they are much too grownup to be after climbing trees.

Victoria is noticing the rapid passage of time. Only two more years of school rules and serious study will she need to endure and complete before she'll be allowed to venture into the grownup world of teaching.

She and Mercy plan to spend as much time together as possible, right up to the night before the wedding. This is only weeks away.
So let's leave them together, in each other's fond company, while we look at Mercy and the first items of her wardrobe for the very first time.


Mercy is slightly different in her head and neck areas. Also, as you will no doubt see right away, she is turned in the opposite direction. I wanted the two dolls to be able to look at each other during playtime. Mercy, being a little bit older, has been allowed to have the latest in certain grownup underclothes. 

In trying to make her look enough unlike Victoria as possible,  I've accidentally made it impossible for this doll to fit many of Victoria's outfits once these are flipped horizontally. I had to change little things here and there, in order to make the first outfits for Mercy really fit her. The Dressing Gown required very few changes, yet changes had to be made, all the same.

In other words, I wouldn't recommend that you count on any of the rest of the first doll's things fitting her well enough if flipped using your computer (or a copy machine with a similar function).

Because of the poise of her head and neck, I had to give her her very own evening wrap. The first doll's simply would not fit Mercy without being ruined. Also, Doll One's hair fits her own hats, while Doll Two needs her very own. For example, while the Sunday Dress fit well enough when flipped to face the other direction, the hat would not. So she required her own hair and hat combined, along with a separate hat tab, just for her.

hope to be able to expand upon this collection very soon, and to offer more accessories for both dolls, including at least one more new room before year's end.

Below, you'll find:
1) the Doll, Mercy
2.) her very own standard, made to fit her specifically (Please see instructions in Victoria's Standard post)
3.) a Study outfit, complete with her own  book
4.) a Sunday dress
5.) the Evening Wrap
6.) her very own Dressing Gown

And that is only the beginning!
Happy Playtime Creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: Victoria's Cousin Mercy Doll

Download HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

Download Mercy's Standard HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

Download her Study Outfit HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

Download her Sunday Dress HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

Download her Evening Wrap HERE
(NOTE the tiny dotted white line between hair 
and collar on this one.
I recommend carefully cutting along this line 
in order to separate the two things.)

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

Download her Dressing Gown HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

Credits: where certain lawful copyrights are held.

You are free to:
play with these items or give them
as gifts.
You are not free to:
ever sell them for any reason whatsoever.
Thank you for
helping me to
keep free things free!

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