Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sunday Attire for Victoria No. 4

Let's try this one again, but with a soft, pretty Turquoise or Teal color, shall we?

I was having too much fun to want to stop!

Please read all credits and red letter Guidelines here at the blog. Thank you.

There are already 3 other colors for this sweet Sunday dress here at the Studio's blog. My personal favorite to this point is the Pink one, but this teal might fall right in line beside it.

Happy Playtime Creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: Sunday Attire for Victoria No. 4

Download HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

You are free to:
Play with the outfits and dolls
trade them or give them as gifts.
You are not free to:
ever sell them for any reason.
The copyright is a Share-alike, which means
sharing is fine, while selling is not.
Thank you for helping me
to keep free things free!

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