Sunday, November 1, 2015

How the Doll's Standard Should Actually Look

How the project will look when done

This is only for Display purposes, of course. However, it seemed neglectful of me not to have include this in yesterday's post here at the Studio.

Included are some probably useful hints for successful completion of this little project.

The Download Link for the Template (or Pattern) may be found by following the Link HERE.

One more hint:
A little bit of something slightly heavy could add more stability once the doll is erect and attached. A coin or some other small item could help keep gusts of air from knocking her flat.

Happy Playtime Creativity!

For Display Purposes Only
(you may, of course, save it to
your computer for further reference)

Design of standard:
©Plush Possum Studio


June Macfarlane said...

Its lovely. You are such a generous soul my friend.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Well, I thought that it was about time she had a way of standing on her own other than simply leaning! LOL

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