Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Free Scary Dragon Coloring Page

Dragon versus a Boy and his animal friends!

This is a thriller of a picture, isn't it? It sends shivers right through me. I wouldn't recommend this for the younger crowd who are prone to nightmares or who frighten easily.

All the same, I think dragon tales are fascinating, don't you? So when I stumbled upon this image in the archives, I chose to create a new Coloring Page for us all to enjoy.

I've enlarged it to fit the normal parameters here at the Studio's blog, that is to say, borders of around a half inch wide, and on all 4 sides. Following that procedure, I always check for flaws and blots or mistakes in the initial copy's printing or scanning process. This one required very little cleaning, if I recall my facts correctly.

The boy is trapped in such a precarious spot! The monkeys are scrambling to join him on his branch. The dragon is too fierce for him to fight. The poor cow or young bull suffers a mortal loss. I cannot help feeling sorry for the poor beast!

I imagine that the boy's one chance for survival would be to wait for one of two things. One of those would be  that help would come, as in a gathering of grownups with muskets or rifles with which to chase away or kill the ugly, scaly brute. Another would be that the dragon might eventually be full enough of all of that poor cow's meat to become sluggish or sleepy, thereby allowing the boy (and the two monkeys) to flee carefully and then to seek help.

Stories abound around the world of troublesome creatures with scaly hides, clawed feet, big teeth, long tails, and ridged backs. These are mentioned in some of our most ancient historical documents, from Ancient China to India to Wales and other UK locations, Scandinavian countries, and so forth.

So here it is, in all of its scary, fiery excitement!

Happy (or in this case, scary LOL) Coloring Creativity!

PPSColorMe™: A Boy Against a Dangerous Dragon
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Public Domain
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Sim said...

This is beautiful!
It gives me the desire of colorizing :)
Thank you dear Rose!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Bonjour, dear Sim!
Or, perhaps now it will be Bonne soirée!!
Thank you.
If you do decide to colorize this illustration, and you really want to share it, I would be very happy to add it to the Feature Gallery here.
That will be your decision, naturally.
It has been such a long time since anything new was added to the Gallery Page!
Also, bear in mind that this illustration is in the Public Domain, as far as I know. Nobody owns it. I merely straightened it and cleaned it up so that people might enjoy it a little more.
So as far as I am concerned, do what you will with it, dear Sim!

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