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Dear Visitors:
Nowadays, this is a one woman show, so to speak, so I thought that I would update this page. Please see the Green letter note at the bottom of this Page. Thanks!

For the Studio's Copyright Policy, please always read the red lettering in the contents of posts. These do vary, so it's best to try and get into the habit of it. Some of my work might be offered here with nothing but credits in black rather than Guidelines that are in red. A number of those items shown with only black letter credits I have allowed to remain completely within the Public Domain, which means that my visitors may do whatever pleases them with my Public Domain items. Please remember to credit this blog as the source.

This blog frequently offers free artwork made using certain digital brushes and with Photoshop processes. The most frequently used digital art brush source here would have to be www.obsidiandawn.com, although you may find a few credits for other brush websites here, like www.brusheezy.com.
Both sites have their own Terms of Use, all within current International Copyright Law. For Brusheezy, it is up to the individual artist to list his or her terms of use.
Follow the link, HERE, for more information concerning copyrights and Obsidian Dawn.
Obsidian Dawn does offer Commercial Licenses, the purchase of which gives some creative use benefits.
To quote Obsidian Dawn's policy concerning commercial use without a license, here is a portion of their terms page:

"Providing credit:

Provide credit to us alongside or on however you’ve used our resources, either as “Obsidian Dawn” or www.obsidiandawn.com
If possible, please provide a link back here, so that others know where you found the brushes and can get a set of their very own! The link should go to: http://www.obsidiandawn.com

"You may use these brushes or patterns commercially without a license, but you MUST credit us alongside their usage. If you’re a digital scrapbooker, most people list credit and the website URL in their TOU text file that comes with the download. If you use them in a website design, and the design is on every page of the website, then so should the credit (most people put it in a footer). If you cannot provide credit and want clear-cut rights to be able to use these brushes in your designs, you may purchase a commercial license."
~ Obsidian Dawn

When I use any Brusheezy products, rest assured that I will alert my guests as to where to go to learn about the correct terms.

Credits for The New Banner
This was something which had already begun a long time ago. Its basis, the lady on the grass with her book, is from a song sheet scanned in by yours truly. In other words, it is a PPS scan, and is now in the Studio's archives. It is a favorite of mine. Doesn't she look peaceful? I like her direct gaze. Added to this were (of course) the rose (that word is a link leading to the image source, for credits, which see at that link), the ink pot and her feather pen (same as before, as that is a link). The post card (from our archives) and the leaf (in the Public Domain worldwide) were added later. Other slight alterations were made to the look of the artwork being used. 

This blog is all about uses of imagery in art. For some of us who helped to start the blog, that's their background. I myself discovered how fun digital art is back in 2010 or so. Prior to that time, all of the art that I'd been making was strictly via hands on means, using paints, paper, pigments, adhesives, cloth, and ink, etc.

This blog was not started without the skilled assistance of several other people, whose help is immeasurably appreciated, and yet who've asked that they not be mentioned publicly by name.
My sincere gratitude belongs to you all, each and every one of you.

This has been the most fun that I've ever had, in artistically creative terms, and I would not trade those many fond memories for anything in the world.

So now it's just basically a place where one woman artist occasionally gets the chance to share some creative fun with others.
But it will stay the Studio's blog forever, at least for as long as Blogger will allow it to remain online. 

For my guests:
This blog is being updated and overhauled. There are entire categories which appear to still be here, and yet will offer you nothing. The Thumbnail little pictures at the ends of posts here can say that things are as they had been a few years ago, but I assure you that is simply not so. 
Some things you will notice have suddenly disappeared. The reason for this is all about
quality, content, and changes in focus for me personally.
One example of these changes:
The Christmas paper doll set. I am unhappy with how it turned out, so it is now in "back burner" status, and has been reverted to draft.
My sincere apologies
to anyone wishing to enjoy those dolls. They really always have had a quality issue in more ways than one. The set could receive a better looking replacement, hopefully soon.
For now, please be patient, for I only have two hands and require time.
Thank you.

Please read all of the credits and copyrights listed below images and follow links as provided. Red letter Guidelines are essential to the proper and lawful use of the images here.

For more on Copyrights in the world of Crafting, here is a pretty good video from the Frugal Crafter on the subject:

Thank you, Lindsay!

Thank you so much for paying this little Free Image blog a visit! Please help this blog to keep copyright laws!
Thank you
Rose McGuinn

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