Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Victoria's New Look

Five New Looks for Victoria the Paper Doll

Note: Copyrights apply for everything in this post. Thank you for protecting my rights as artist. 

This has been such a fun project! It  has actually taken a little time every day for quite a while to manage to get it to look better. Though I am still not 100% satisfied, I am happier with this paper doll's new look than I ever was with her old one. Please read the red letter Guidelines at the bottom of this post. Thank you.

I've chosen to keep the doll's body size and shape the same so that every outfit should still fit. Hats might need to be refitted to her new hairstyle, but all dresses should still fit her just fine. Please notify me over at G+ with any fitting problems that you might be having, and I will see what I can do. Otherwise, scissors and some careful cutting with them might be the answer. I doubt that there'll be a problem, but I couldn't test every outfit.

Below, first you'll see a Display of the way the doll's hair has changed, in 5 different colors. I've chosen to upgrade the skin on her face a little bit, but have left her eyes dark due to technical and aesthetic issues. (She also looks a little bit older, which would make sense, as she is now heading for the age of 20.)

After that, guests will find Download Links to the various color ways being offered. Each doll will have a corresponding number to the ones used in the Display. So it would be wise to look for that number prior to choosing which one to print, and then go from there.

More outfits for this doll have been in the works for months. These do take time. Please respect the credits and the red guidelines below. Thank you.

Happy playtime creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: Victoria's New Look 5 Ways


Download Look No. 1 HERE

Download Look No. 2 HERE

Download Look No. 3 HERE

Download Look No. 4 HERE

Download Look No. 5 HERE

You are free to:
Use this doll for playtime activities
in art that may be given or traded.
Please do not sell her.
She is meant to be free.
Let's keep free things free!
Thank you.

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