Thursday, October 29, 2015

Free Paper Doll Sunday Dress

Victoria's New Look now has her old dress looking entirely new!

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I've often dressed up for Sunday morning services, and enjoyed it immensely. It seemed to feel good to put on some of my best clothes, to polish my shoes, and to do my hair just so for the day.

And here is our Victoria, doing the very same thing, only in her very old fashioned attire for Sunday. This outfit, as you'll soon see, is designed to go mostly with the New Look Paper Doll No. 4, although I suppose a clever person might be able to alter the hair which is attached to the hat with a little careful cutting.

More colors will soon be ready, along with other hair colors attached to the corresponding hats.

The dress has had to have the shoulders redone, and the skirt is now long enough to where the doll's black school shoes won't be showing.

Up next, you may expect a series of fun paper doll items to share with children. I will attempt to add an accessory set here as soon as possible. This will hopefully include a fully functioning standard, so that dolls may be left to stand on their own.

Rooms (as in dioramas) are likewise in the works. Some of these were already on file at the Studio. They will need some work, however. There is one which may need a little revision here or there. Included will be Instruction which will hopefully be seen as helpful.

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Happy Playtime Creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: Victoria's Sunday Attire

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