Saturday, October 24, 2015

An Upgrade for the Evening Wrap Paper Doll Outfit

It now fits better and even looks better too!
Of course, this is only my own opinion. However, the shoulders needed a little adjusting, as well as the one side. The collar had to be upgraded, and this then had to be fitted into place. Other alterations have been made to the Evening Wrap's overall look, however. I much prefer this one to the older one.

Please read the credits and red letter guidelines below. Thanks!

The fan has had its color adjusted a slight bit. Also, the hair has a very formal, and--may I say--even a grownup look to it now, something which no young lady of Victoria's era would have been without. Not, that is, for any special outing such as an evening out with her grandmother to a theatre in London's West End! For that occasion, her grandmother has generously leant her this wrap to use in the carriage on the way to and from the theatre. 

I have stood her on a fine carpet, to protect the wrap's hem. This should fit right to the base of the doll's standard. Speaking of which, I imagine that a card stock support style standard, affixed to the back of each doll, might be helpful. I'll try and offer a few suggestions with a little pattern later on, once I have enough time.

Notice the fancy new enameled hairpin, tinted just so to match the embroidery of the wrap. She is also wearing a borrowed pair of her grandmother's golden "earbobs." Her collar now fits the New Look version of the darkest haired doll, butI imagine that the hair could be simply cut away from that collar to accommodate other New Look versions of the doll. I really do like that darker haired version, for I feel certain that that is how she really ought to have looked since the start of her existence here in the Studio's blog collection. Believe me, the neck area did change for the New Looks.

Those New Look Choices (5 in all) may be found at the following link HERE. All new hats will have hair included from now on, as I think that this will aid with the fit. When less hair is needed, simply snip a little bit of it away from an outfit.

Moms will probably wish to reinforce this outfit with a second sheet of paper. I recommend glue stick (Uhu brand is my standing favorite) or double sided tape for this. Or, perhaps printing the outfit onto a slightly heavier bond weight of paper might help.

"Fussy cutting."
This project will require a good bit of fussy cutting, in my opinion. I'd go straight for the finest scissors or sheers that you have to hand. I tend to use manicure scissors for super refined cutting, and larger scissors for simpler, easier cuts. A younger child's frustration would only tend to spoil any fun, so my guess is, it would be better for a parent or old enough sibling to tend to this task. Just a tip.

The Hair Tab
This is intended to help add a little stability to the outfit while on the actual doll. I did not have time to test this theory. Please let me know if it is useless or if it works poorly, and I will see what changes I can make to this design. I suggest top edge glue stick swipe, adding tiny amounts until the fit will actually work for you.

Happy Playtime Creativity!

Borders should be set at around one fourth or quarter of an inch on your printer or copier, otherwise, apart of the wrap's long train could be lost.

PPSPlaytime™: A Better version of 
Victoria's Evening Wrap
Made especially to fit the New look dolls 
provided here earlier this month.

Download HERE
Display Version Below
(a lower quality version than the Download)

Credits: image collection (some copyrights apply there)
Wikimedia Commons' Public Domain

You are free to:
play and have fun with this outfit.
You are not, however, free to ever sell it.
Some copyrights do apply, including the image sources
and my own work.
Let's allow free things to remain free!
Thank you.

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