Friday, October 23, 2015

Free Paper Doll Cloak and Hat

Made to match Victoria's Geography Lesson Outfit from Yesterday

Please read our credits and the red letter guidelines below. Thanks so much!

She had no outerwear other than one fancy coat to be worn for a special theatre night, and so I knew that it was time to begin adding a few accessories to the paper doll's wardrobe. I will certainly try and make at least a few more things for your Playtime fun when time permits.

Some people would call this article of clothing a "cape," while others might call it a "cloak." It is not full length. I am still looking for just the right coats and full length capes for our Victoria, who is about to enter a course of study so that she might become a linguist or a language teacher. The outfit which it is intended to cover may be found at the link HERE.

The cape or cloak was designed and fitted to the geography lesson dress. The very same book was left in position, in order to match the geography Lesson outfit. The shadow can always be cut away from the cape's book, if necessary. One hand is still holding the book, although at a different spot on its cover. There is now a leather glove on that hand. A few little details have been added to that glove to make it look more genuine in style.

The hat has been altered from before. Regular visitors to this blog will recognize its basic shape as being from 4 earlier outfits. It comes with a slightly altered hairstyle at the back, to fit period styles of the era. However, it is just different enough to require a differently fitting Tab. Fitting the hat to the doll might be a bit tricky. Moms are encouraged to assist and to try small swipes of glue near the top edge of the tab first, adding any further swipes necessary for just the right fit.

For Victoria's new look, which comes with 5 new hair color choices, please visit the link HERE. Included there are 5 new downloads, each one with a different looking doll. Simply notice the matching number in the Display at that post, then download accordingly.

Lastly, I'd like to thank everybody for taking the time to look at the outfit from yesterday, as well as at this one. It makes me smile to think that somebody from somewhere in this big, wide world of ours might be playing with that doll or her clothes at this very hour.

Happy Playtime Creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: Victoria's New Cloak (or Cape) + Hat

Download Outfit HERE

Display version below
(lower quality than the download)

Here is how it looks with the Geography Lesson Outfit:


You are free to:
play with this outfit or offer it as a free gift.
The New York Public Library has
So please do not ever sell this set or 
the ones previously posted here.
Let's allow free things to remain free!
Thank you.

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