Friday, October 9, 2015

PPSColorMe™ Page: Brother Rescuing Sister

A New PPSColorMe™ Page: A Young Knight Rescues His Sister

The caption is in very old fashioned lettering. It reads as follows:

"Childe Wynd thrice kisses the Laidly Worm & rescues his Sister the Princess Margaret."

You may find a basic outline of the story which goes with this old illustration HERE.

For anyone interested in studying old dragon lore or stories, I thought that this might be of interest. By the way, the definition of the word, "laidly" is "hideous" or "repulsive." it is a very old term, but then this is a very, very old story.

Happy coloring creativity!

PPSColorMe™ Page: A Knight Rescues His Sister

Download HERE

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Sim said...

One word: BEAUTIFUL!
Thank you hun! <3

Plush Possum Studio said...

Sim, isn't it graceful and sweet?I am glad that you like it too! I find the expressions on the two siblings' faces lovely, don't you?

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