Friday, October 30, 2015

Presenting Victoria's Very First Room!

Her Grandmother's Cottage Sun Room!

This is a new idea Which I'd been working on figuring out how to do. It's been in my mind for some while how little girls love to have a setting that's pretty when they are at play with dolls. 

Well, now they will be able to have their very first room for the Victoria Paper Doll Set, with a little help from a parent or some other responsible and helpful relative.

(By the way, Grownups who loved paper doll playtimes as children are certainly welcome to play with the dolls and their clothes for fun. Please read all Guidelines, in red, in each post. Thank you.)

The Display (below) is how the finished product will mainly look once done. I was unable to preserve all of it for you due to some fit issues. But once it would fit a home printer machine's settings for half inch borders on all four sides, I was relieved. I simply cut away small amounts until it would fit.

There will be extra positioning room (about one quarter inch) ONLY between the horizontal or crosswise edges of each of the 4 pieces. Consider it to be as a simple puzzle in 4 sections, cut down the middle in both directions. The extra positioning room is NOT included along the central downward or vertical line. I simply could not think of any other direction to take.

This will be around 20 inches wide and around 15 inches tall once the pieces are all together.

Crafting outlets will often have what are known in the States as "dioramas." Such simple folding screens, generally used in science fairs or school displays, could be white, or any other color that you might enjoy using. 

As other rooms are to be offered, perhaps the printable pieces of Room No. 1 in this New Collection would be best carefully glued to some other, separate surface. These could be interchangeable rooms, using either one or two diorama screens. I imagine poster board or thin, tough cardboard. These then could be hung or somehow attached to your diorama screens.

Quick shifts of direction when children play might mean that easy re-attaching of such playful scenes would allow each one to change scenes at will. While I am not certain as to how to finish this project, I do know that a sturdy cardboard box of the right height and width might just as easily serve.

If there is no straight edge cropper in the home, usually most copy or extension centers offer free use of such a gadget. They likely also will have larger tables than normal. This would allow for repositioning when you are in the process of cutting.

I would not worry about glue except for 2 things: the first thing is that more home copiers than not would allow the printed pieces to smear even if glue sticks were used. The second is, that regular white glue tends to make paper bulge and buckle. My suggestion is to find a Copy Center with a Color copier by Xerox or something comparable. I've usually had great success gluing and painting over such slick surfaced prints as may be made using such copiers. The paper has a stiffer, sturdier feel to it as well as being tougher. 

Clear sticky shelf paper might be useful here as well, as a finishing touch for protecting the surface.

For those of us in the States, Fed Ex has been known to have such fine color copy machines. The pages could be printed at home, then filed in case of emergencies once the color copies are made using the special slick paper and toner at your local copy center.

4 Separate Downloads are listed below. They are listed as follows:
Upper Right
Lower Right
Lower Left
Upper Left

Happy Playtime creativity!

Look for the new Doll Standard Pattern, coming soon!

PPSPlaytime™: Room 1 for Victoria

Download Upper Right HERE

Download Lower Right HERE

Download Lower Left HERE

Download Upper Left HERE

Display Version showing basically how 
the doll would look in this setting.

(lower quality and not meant for printing)

You are free to:
 use this Download Set for creative playtime.
It may be found in its original, unrefreshed look 
at Wikimedia Commons.
It's in the Public Domain.
Let's keep Free things free!

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