Monday, October 19, 2015

Free Victorian Paper Doll Autumn Outfit

Victoria Has an Autumn Walking Costume Now!

This time, there is a brand new look for this paper doll, isn't there? Shortly, there will hopefully be a new post offering the doll with updated hair. She's older now, and perhaps a little more mature. Also, I was never truly pleased with the look of her hair, which had a greenish cast to it. Neither was I pleased with the look of the doll's skin, due to some resolution issues.

Once upon a time, after young ladies reached a certain age, they began wearing their hair up in elaborate coiffures, rather than loose upon their shoulders, or tied back as Victoria's hair has been for a long time. Please read the red letter guidelines below the images listed here. Thank you.

The hat could prove a bit tricky to use. My advice here would be to use an actual bit of feather instead of the mere paper, if at all possible. I expect that guests will know just what to do. 

The tab, upper right, in the download version, may be attached for a proper fit only through a trial and error process. It is a silhouette version of the hat, but without the feather. I'd try to use a very small bead of glue near the top edge first prior to trying it on your doll.

This dress has its flaws. It comes from a very old fashion plate from the New York Public Library. That library holds all copyrights to their image collection, to a certain extent, including for this image. It is therefore to be kept free. It is to be shared, studied, and perhaps even traded, although never to be sold. 

The alterations to the fashion plate were extensive, in order to assure a clean fit for the paper doll. The leaves were added, along with the umbrella, as an afterthought.

Happy Autumn Playtime creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: Victoria's Autumn Walking Costume

Download HERE

How it looks on the doll
This is merely for display
(lower quality than the download)

Initial Image Credit:

You are free to:
use this doll outfit for playtime or as a gift.
You are not free to:
ever sell it as a part of a set.
Let's keep free things free!
Thank you.


Sim said...

Victoria is very elegant indeed, wearing autumnal colors!
Beautiful job!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Thank you so much, dear digital art friend! Coming from one such as yourself, that is a true compliment, indeed.

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