Thursday, October 22, 2015

Free Schoolroom Outfit for the Paper Doll

Victoria is a Scholar!

(Please read the red letter guidelines for use at the bottom of this post. This outfit has taken much time and effort in order to make it ready for the free use being offered today. Thank you for respecting this gift.)

She really loves to ride her bicycle, or to go hacking through the countryside with her friends on one of her grandmother's horses, but our Victoria also loves the study of foreign places. She is learning to improve her foreign language skills, along with her study of history.

Her grandmother's library has many treasures on its shelves, including the one that Victoria is now holding. This is a very old Geography book, an 1865 edition, written initially during the 1500's by a Renaissance explorer. This was later translated into English and later edited by a man named Clements Markham. The author is the famed explorer of Peru, a man named Pascual de Andagoya, who lived a very adventurous existence. Born 1495AD (or CE), his life would end in the year 1548AD or (CE).

Victoria is fascinated by distant places and their history. She is excited to begin traveling again, now that she is back home in Great Britain and residing at her grandmother's London house. Her summer visits with relatives and friends in America has reminded her of her genuine enjoyment of the process of travel.

Her grandmother wishes to make it possible for her to have some more advanced schooling before she's finished growing up. She is thinking of enrolling Victoria in a special academy for young ladies, in order to foster her granddaughter's inquisitive temperament. During her holiday time off Grandmother Lacey intends to spend time with Victoria abroad, perhaps even on the classic Grand Tour.

The Display this time will be of the newer look, the choice with the fair hair. This outfit might end up being given two or more color ways for you to choose from. This first (or possibly only) one will be a lovely combination of grayish blue skirt paired with a softer blue blouse.
Happy Creative Playtime!

PPSPlaytime™: Victoria's Geography Lesson

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Display Copy with Doll
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