Monday, October 26, 2015

Free Paper Doll Party Card or Invitation

Why not have a Paper Doll Party?

UPDATE: This is the NEWER, much improved version. It has cleaner lines, a lot more lace, and the top looks more refined to me. Have fun decorating this fan your own way!

It occurred to me the other afternoon, while on a break, that there already has been for some while a stock of several fans available for free here at the Studio's blog.

{Please read and follow all Credits (in black) and Use Guidelines (in red) below. Thank you.}

The Idea
Then an even happier thought struck my brain: Why not make a Fan Invitation or Card for Victoria's fans (so to speak)? I have been finishing slight upgrades for several days, including making the doll look a little bit better. This was then followed by a set of 5 different hair color choices, so guests could begin choosing.

More outfits have been added recently, including a new favorite of mine, the Geography Lesson outfit. Believe me, this was a labor of love. I really do enjoy history, including what people wore once upon a time.

The Details
The flowered border at the top is from an old illustration of  forget-me-not flowers. The tiny mother-of-pearl buttons which border the soft central oval frame are from my own collection. I believe that they are either blouse or sleeve buttons. They may have been used on a child's outfit once. (It's actually one button which I duplicated once for a different project, but never mind all of that now! LOL)

All brushes used to embellish this fan are from (as I recall), and are designed by

So without further ado, here is that Paper Doll Party Fan Card/Invitation. I suppose it also might be fun to use as an ornamental object of some sort.

More Paper Doll Party Supplies have already been dreamed up by yours truly! I suppose that I am paper doll crazy this month!

PPSPlaytime™: Paper Doll Fan Card Invitation

Download HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

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