Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mercy, Tom and Victoria Visit Venice!

Or, as it is said in Italian, "Mercy, Tom e Victoria visitare Venezia."

Included in this Set is one new outfit for Mercy, shown first above the Scenes. 
How exciting! They have found themselves a bit muddled by the confusing layout of the city. Notice how the two cousins are dressing today almost as a pair of twins might. (After all, they have the very same dressmaker back in London, and it is such fun to dress alike!) They wore the same outfits with different shoes during their time of packing for the journey. Those outfits may be found by clicking on the Doll's names below:
Both offer a special standard for stability.
Victoria's travel or Tourist outfit may be found by following the link HERE.

The three young people are in search of the right way in which to find their final destination for this afternoon's bit of tourist fun together: the famous set of buildings known as the Palazzo Ducale, or the Doge's Palace. To learn more about this famous Venetian palace, you may follow the link HERE.

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Alas! The three travelers have wandered away from their true course and are now concerned about the hour. But not to worry. Our young linguist, Victoria, comes to the rescue! She asks a pleasant looking elderly woman (using her practiced conversational Italian), "Buon pomeriggio, signora. Posso chiederle come per il modo corretto per noi per raggiungere il Palazzo Ducale? E 'nelle vicinanze?"

Which means, in modern English, "Good afternoon, Madam. May I inquire as to the correct way for us to reach the Doge's Palace? Is it nearby?"

Tom applauds his wife's cousin's quick witted way of handling the situation. He himself has very little Italian. His real foreign language gift is with French. Mercy, meanwhile, is very proud indeed of her young cousin's growing foreign language skills. As a result and very soon, they find their way to an ornate outer courtyard of the Palazzo. While still there, they will have another adventure which I shall post here quite soon. This involves yet another famous Venetian palace. But that will be for another day.

The season that is best for travel in Adriatic waters cannot last forever. The three intend to travel southward next, this time by boat. Tom will have plenty of time for relaxation from that point onward, so that they are certain to have even more fun than when he was so busy. 

Happy Travel Playtime Fun!

PPSPlaytime™: Venice Part One

Download Mercy's Daytime Tourist Outfit HERE

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