Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Free Antique Baseball Coloring Page

Bustles and Baseball? 
An old illustration from the 1880's Victorian Bustle Era.

I ran across this old graphic recently while doing research on a completely different project. It was in the Public domain, and yet needed a little facelift, so to speak. I have enlarged it and cleared it of some torn areas plus one scratch using photoshop processes. There is a bit of a quality issue as far as resolution goes, but since it is intended to be either hand colored or tinted, I saw this as being  a very minor issue. My recommendation would be to use colored pencils. After all, it is fairly small (not even filling the 8 1/2 by 11 inch final size) and yet it is also very full of details! Please adjust your printer margin settings to .25 inches (1/4 inch) for this one.

My! - how they did used to dress up for the ball park! Americans really would do that a lot. Almost everybody wore hats, and some men would even wear suits. The women in the foreground of this picture wear hats, corsets, and long dresses with bustles underneath. Just look at all of the different hat styles the ladies are wearing to this game! Personally, I like the small top hat that another woman is wearing.

In the distance, there is an obviously very busy harbor of some sort. This must be a port town somewhere. I wish that I could share the location of this old ball field with all of you. Perhaps somebody can help me out with the history and location? Meanwhile ~

Happy Coloring!

PPSColorMe™: An Antique Baseball Game Graphic

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