Monday, August 15, 2016

Victoria's New Butterfly Dress

A pretty new outfit for Victoria to wear while still on her European adventure!

This outfit has been a genuine challenge for me. It began as a charming French fashion plate, but had to be completely redone before it could even begin to fit the doll properly.

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It was the butterflies located on the sleeves that first gained my approval of this dress. The color seemed a little odd to me, and so that has had to be changed. A tan colored dress with a vivid, pretty magenta butterfly somehow did not look right to me. I prefer the soft celery green I've chosen. After all, it is still summertime. Victoria will have plenty of time in which to wear the browns of autumn later on in the year, won't she?

I found a charming embroidered pair of shoes for her to wear, one of which is peeping out from under the hem of her dress. This style laces up at the front, and so should serve her fairly well for walks in refined places such as museums and art galleries. The color has been changed to match the other magenta features to this outfit.

The sleeves and the upper front of the bodice I chose to make sheer for a lighter and cooler appeal. Summertime in Italy is generally very warm and sunny. She is using her parasol (hidden behind the skirt of her dress as she is walking) as a sort of a walking stick at the moment. She is prepared to, at a moment's notice, make use of the shade it can provide her with.

Happy Late Summer Playtime Creativity!

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