Friday, July 22, 2016

Sightseeing in Europe with Victoria

Victoria is now abroad, touring parts of Europe!

Along with her cousin, Mercy, and Mercy's husband, Tom she will be touring for weeks yet to come. They have already crossed the Channel, landing at the Port of La Havre, and have taken a train into Paris!

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The Story:
Mercy's husband will be fairly busy from time to time during their long journey, for he has a series of business appointments to take care on behalf of an elderly relative. Mercy is acting as her younger cousin's chaperone. Young married women were sometimes allowed to do this in the late 1800's. However, it was definitely a social disgrace for any young, unmarried girl or woman to wander on a foreign street unaccompanied! Not only was it frowned upon, but it might even have been somewhat dangerous then, too. After all, earlier on in the decade, there had been two events of politically charged violence in Paris. Victoria's grandmother is very anxious that all will go smoothly for her two granddaughters in particular, but also for Tom.

Neither of the two cousins will mind this set of rules in the least, however. They are close friends since early childhood who cherish each other's close companionship. Tom is gratified to know that his young bride will have her very best friend for a companion during his busiest days.

Today, they have hired a carriage that will take them to see sights in Paris. They really haven't very much time, for they are soon to leave for a river outing as well as the cooling heights of some mountains (more on that later on). Eventually, they will make their way to the seacoast of Italy and from there to the French Riviera, called by the French, the Côte d'Azur. For Mercy and Tom this will be a delayed honeymoon, while for Victoria it will be her first (and possibly only) chance to practice her language skills abroad prior to embarking on some further study followed then by teaching. 

The three dear friends will also enjoy time in the early autumn for some shopping and further sightseeing in Paris. While there, Tom hopes to encounter some colleagues of his grandfather's and to secure some information for London's British Museum, which is where he works. Mercy, meanwhile, will be kept occupied over making certain that her cousin's education will be enriched in just the right way. Languages and Geography are Victoria's main gifts. These are subjects close to Mercy's heart as well.

Their first stop today will have to be the Eiffel Tower, of course. This has only been open to the public since 1889, a mere 7 years, so it is quite a novelty, as it is (in the 1890's) still the very tallest human made structure in the world - taller even than the pyramids at Giza near Cairo! After that, they are to join Tom at a comfortable sidewalk café for some coffee and something to eat. They hope to later meet three friends of his at the  Musée du Louvre   (Louvre Museum) as well. 

Mercy hopes to collect a few bits of ephemera for her travel book along the way.

Following that, they hope to see something of the Paris night life. In two days' time, they will be on their way to a countryside estate near the city of Bonn in Germany, where Tom has business and the three have been invited to stay for a few days.

Today, Victoria is dressed mainly for comfort, in her lighter weight summer linen clothes and her sturdy walking shoes (note the cobblestones under those shoes). Her umbrella doubles for her as a parasol against the summer sun. Her long white gloves mark her out as a young lady who has been carefully raised to avoid tanning the skin of her hands and arms. Even though she is soon to become employable, she is to take care of those hands, always. Her grandmother has made certain that she would learn to care for her skin in just such a refined manner.

The hat she wears is one that has a changeable satin band. Her skirt is one of three of the very same cut, with summer flounces both above and below, which her grandmother has helped her to select for this part of her journey. This particular one is of a khaki color, just right for strolling dusty boulevards and park walkways. Her French style "corsage" or lightweight blouse may be worn for a number of occasions, including sightseeing. She has brought three of these along for use during warmer weather. Once paired with a more formal skirt and her very best shoes, though, and it easily becomes acceptable apparel for somewhat less formal dining in a pensione or at a number of the smaller hotels where they are sure to stay. (To see what some pensiones are like, you may follow this link HERE)

There will soon be even more exciting times ahead for young Victoria Lacey!

Happy Playtime Creativity!

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