Friday, August 5, 2016

Paper Doll Travel Room + 2 New Outfits!

Mercy and Victoria are visiting a charming villa.
Can you guess where that villa is located?

Victoria and Mercy have each acquired new dresses to wear for special outings. Today's outing will be in a charming countryside villa. I will let you guess where.

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The last time that I posted a new travel set here at PPS, the dolls were enjoying the fresh breezes and pretty view along the River Rhein. The basis for the scene was a very old painting.

This time, the basis for the scene is a pretty nook in a charming Villa. This was an interior design plate from an antique book. Notice the charming summer furniture and the pretty wallpaper. The original picture had to be added to, updated, and often painted over using Photoshop. I hate to say it, but it was in need of much tender loving care.

I have changed the colors a little bit, including the colors depicting the countryside outside of the windows. I added some sun at the window in order to justify some shadows underneath the furniture. I also added some carpet, as the original picture showed no flooring of any kind.

Mercy's Outfit or Ensemble
I hope to dazzle guests with the two new paper doll outfits this time. Which one of the two do you prefer? Mercy's is an updated and upgraded Photoshopped version of an old antique paper doll outfit. This needed a complete overhaul, along with a better fitting hat. For Mercy's hat, I had to comb the archives in search of an old magazine fashion picture of just the right angle and design. Even that has had to be reshaped and updated a lot. Despite the time that I've put into this project, I do hope that you will agree with me that the yellow dress is  a fashionable and pretty addition to Mercy's wardrobe.

Victoria's Outfit or Ensemble
For Victoria's new ensemble, I used just fashion plates from her era of the 1890's. This one is a French design, as is the design of her hat. I have to say that I really do like that hat! (But then, I've always enjoyed hats and have even collected some on occasion.) The pleated organza would have been both very expensive and very tough to keep looking nice, and so this will be a rare treat for Victoria as she and her cousin stay for a visit at the countryside villa. 

More New Scenes and Rooms to Be Added Soon!
The outfits for both dolls could certainly be played with using a number of scenes and rooms. I will soon be able to offer at least one more before the autumn weather. After that, I already have others in the works for you. As for a paper doll of Mercy's husband, that is turning out to be a rather difficult project. Please be patient with me about that. Most fashion plates from Victoria's era do not involve any men at all.

Today's Set:
I will begin with a Display of the Room, followed by the 4 separate downloads. { For complete instructions and a few hopefully helpful hints, guests may follow the link HERE. }

Next, you will find the displays of the doll's outfits, followed immediately by their downloads. Below those you will be able to see first the Credits and then the red letter Guidelines.

If you've enjoyed this set, please feel free to click on the heading "Paper Dolls" in the Menu bar located just beneath the banner above.

Happy Travel Playtime!

PPSPlaytime™: A Lovely Nook in a Pretty Villa

Display version
(lower quality than the downloads)


Download Upper Left HERE
Download Upper Right HERE
Download Lower Right HERE
Download Lower Left HERE

Mercy's New Outfit

Download the outfit HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

Victoria's New Outfit

Download outfit HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

original images of the room
and Victoria's fashion plate

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