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Free Paper Doll Travel Set: New Steamer Trunk

Victoria's New Steamer Trunk has arrived!

It is time for Victoria to consider what to take with her on her exciting new tour of parts of Europe.

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Victoria is going along as a companion to her newly married cousin, Mrs. Mercy De Haven, whose husband, Tom will be in Europe on business as a part of their honeymoon. This will be a unique opportunity for all three young people. For Tom, it is a first chance to handle a few business affairs for an elderly uncle of his who is no longer capable of traveling so far from home. He is learning the business from the ground up, and will be exposed to a number of new opportunities. For Mercy, it will be her very first time seeing all of the sights she read about as a girl. The young couple are pleased to be having Mercy's favorite cousin and very best friend, Victoria, with them.

Victoria is almost too excited to be able to sleep at night sometimes. Her thoughts are dwelling on this new adventure of travels abroad so much that she sometimes lies awake at night imagining each upcoming delight. She will not only get to see many new things, but she will have a wonderful opportunity to learn even more about her chosen vocation as a teacher of the subjects of Geography and foreign languages. She plans to work especially hard on her French and Italian while on this trip.

One of her aunts, Mercy's mother, has offered her the use of an old copy of Baedecker's travel guide to Paris. She is holding the book in her right hand in the outfit + scene below. Despite the fact that this particular edition was printed decades prior to the Paris Exposition and the Grand Opening of the Eiffel Tower of 1889, she has gratefully accepted the volume. This could provide her with some new ideas as to the history of that fascinating French capital city.

Her steamer trunk is designed to be secure at all times. It is really quite heavy, being made mainly of wood and metal with brass hasps and other heavy features. No longer will she have to borrow any trunk from one of her family members. From now on, she will have her very own, personal travel trunk. This is truly a wonderful and lavish birthday surprise from her family. 

You will notice how her borrowed suitcase has travel location stickers still stuck to its rugged leather casing. She intends to keep some personal things in this, as it may be handled with greater ease than her very heavy new trunk.

She has chosen a brand new pair of "hygienic" walking shoes, to wear for practical purposes. These button up at the sides and also have slightly lower heels as well as a wider instep than more formal shoes do. Such sensible footwear she will be glad of whenever out on various walking tours with her cousin.

She also will carry her large woven handbag, the one with the leather handles. At the moment, this is standing empty atop the new trunk, alongside her umbrella. This lightweight travel bag made a prior appearance here at the Studio's blog in another travel outfit post which you may find at the following link HERE.

The outfit she is wearing is for summer. Yes, it's true - high necks were often worn year round in Victorian England. Her blouse is made of crisply starched lighter weight fabric trimmed with lace. Her starched linen skirt with the pretty flounces will no doubt be packed for the journey very soon.

Below, guests will also find a specially designed support standard for this outfit with little scene. I recommend the use of card stock for this. I suppose it may be printed onto paper and then glued to some lightweight cardboard. Perhaps a discarded cereal box might work well. 

For the outfit, I think that I would try two sheets of paper. Print it to the top one, of course, and then use glue stick glue in order to laminate it to the second, bottom sheet. Card stock might be a bit too heavy for the tabs at the doll's shoulders, after all.

This will be a tricky item to cut out due to the many fine details included in its design. It might be easier for mothers or older siblings to help with this tricky cut. The hair, especially, is bound to be delicate and tricky to cut out. A pair of tiny or manicure style scissors might be helpful. 
The hair tab could be tricky this time, for there is no hat. 
The doll will look just fine without the hair bow at the back of her hair, of course. It is offered for those who like the details. 

One suggestion for the hair with bow might be to do the following:  
1) cut both the hair tab and the chosen color of hair away from the printed page, using your scissors carefully. 2) Clear wrapping tape can be used for this next part. Place the Hair Tab and the hair  on a clean, dry smooth surface. Make sure that they will fit together properly. The tape will be stuck to the back of the hair and to the front of the Hair tab, forming a sort of a hinge. It is probably best to test this for fit prior to doing the next step. 3) Next, apply a small amount of glue stick glue to the tiny bit of bow on the Hair Tab. Position the two items till they match in shape. Adhere the two bow areas and press together using fingers. Allow to dry for a little while. Hopefully, the above instructions should work well. If anybody has either a problem or any questions, just let me know in the comment area below.

In just a few short days, it will be the 4th of July and thus time for Victoria to help out at the big Independence Day Gala. You may find her chosen special outfit for the occasion by following the link HERE. But within a very short time after the Gala event, both she and her cousin Mercy will be busy making the final preparations for their long journey to various places in Europe.

Happy Playtime Travels!

PPSPlaytime™: Victoria Prepares to Travel Abroad

Download Outfit with Scene HERE

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Download Special Support Standard HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

{For a better idea as to how to use the standard,
I 'd like to suggest following this link HERE. The
two are made to be quite similar in construction.}


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