Friday, August 12, 2016

Paper Doll Scenery: A Pretty Palazzo

Victoria and Mercy's travels continue with a visit to a very pretty place.

The palazzo is located on a large estate with lush lawns and plenty of places to go walking. ("palazzo" means "palace" in Italian) It is very near to the sultry city known as Milan, but called Milano by Italians. The two cousins are here, of course, with Mercy's husband, Tom, who has an important business appointment to keep for an elderly relative of his. Though Tom has been kept busy throughout, he still will make enough time for his young bride during this extended European sojourn. They plain to dine together at a fine restaurant this evening.

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As Mercy and her sweet cousin are strolling and exploring the gardens of the palazzo, they happen upon this charming, sunny room. They both wear their very nicest things for an outing of this sort. Northern Italy (especially Milano) can be quite sunny and warm this time of year, so the two both carry their parasols. One mustn't develop either freckles or a tan! No Victorian young lady would ever have taken such a risk.

Very soon, they will take a further carriage ride back to the Hotel. From there, within a few days, they plan to take a train for another fascinating place! I will leave you to guess where they might be headed.

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Happy Playtime Creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: A Pretty Palazzo

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