Friday, July 15, 2016

Mercy's Travel Trunk Outfit

Mercy has a lot of packing to do!

She and her husband, Tom, are looking forward to the excitement of traveling together at last.

Please see the red letter Guidelines below. Thank you!

Very soon, Mercy, Tom and Mercy's younger cousin, Victoria will be traveling across the English Channel towards France. On the other shore, they hope to meet up with a few traveling family members along the way.

Mercy's trunk has a domed lid and is roomy enough for her best travel things. At her feet may be seen one of her many bandboxes. It is empty, as she has chosen to stow its contents (a hat) within her solid, sturdy trunk for the journey. Her walking shoes are very much like those her cousin has chosen, aren't they? But then, the two do so enjoy dressing alike in style but with different colors.

In her left hand, Mercy is holding a travel sketch diary which she plans to fill with memories of her first big trip abroad. This will be sort of like a scrapbook, only with a few notes and perhaps a drawing or two. We'll see more of it in future.

The standard for this outfit with scene may be found by following the link provided HERE, where you'll also find more of the story. This will lend added support for this larger outfit. I'd like to suggest also reinforcing this outfit. Instructions for doing so are available at the same link, above.

Happy Playtime Travels!
More soon of the adventures of Victoria and her family and friends!

PPSPlaytime™: Mercy's New Travel Trunk Outfit

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