Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Victoria's Day Dress 3 Ways

Victoria and Mercy are still staying at their friends' countryside villa.

Today, they have been catching up on their letter writing as well as setting aside some time for walks on the grounds that surround the villa.

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The sleeves from elbow to cuff of this fresh and pretty outfit are made of sheer silk voile. Despite the high collared style, this kind of dress was worn often during warmer weather in Victorian times. The dress began as an antique fashion plate, which I later altered significantly. I thought that Victoria's wardrobe required something with sheer sleeves. I hope that you'll enjoy playing with it even more than I have enjoyed making it fit the doll for you.

For the Room in the Villa that would go with this dress, you may follow the link HERE. (I know that any of the doll's rooms will do, of course, but this one was made specially for this summer's Travel series)

The dress itself is being offered in 3 different ways: with a changeable sash in either a Lavender, Pink or Blue color. Find your choices located below.

Happy Summer Playtime!

PPSPlaytime™: Victoria's Summer Day Dress

Download Lavender Sash Dress HERE

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(lower quality than the downloads)

Download Pink Sash Dress HERE

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(lower quality than the downloads)

Download Blue Sash Dress HERE

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(lower quality than the downloads)

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