Friday, June 17, 2011

Victorian Botanical Art c. 1888: a Pitcher Plant

Harper's Readers are among my favorites for a feel of old time learning. In many cases, I think they were very intelligently compiled. Our chosen outtake for today's post is a lovelier one than I can remember, for the artwork is tasteful and refined.
Such engravings are harder to come by nowadays, and if you find one, it's best to snap it up for keeps. We did this about a year and a half ago at a local book sale. So now we're able to share all that wonderful ephemera with our readers! That's even more fun than finding the books we often refer to as "The Stash" or "The Archives."
We are, as per our usual habit here on PPS, including both our Original and Upgraded Looks. We hope you'll find plenty of uses for both.
Happy Creative Weekend, all!

FYI: We only pull apart things that won't otherwise scan for you, and then only as our team determines there is more value in a picture's use than in the book's overall value in its entirety. The book we are using for this post was a "second" in that it had been misbound, was tattered and had some writing in some of its margins. As a book, it wouldn't fetch more than $5 or so. (I think we paid all of $1.50 for it at that sale--a nice deal for our collectibles stash) But, as an archive addition, it makes for invaluable usage, wouldn't you say? ;)

Harper's Third Reader Pitcher Plant Study c. 1888

First Two Page Section
Downloadable Version HERE

Second Two Page Section
Downloadable Version HERE

Original Patina First Section
Downloadable Version HERE

Original Patina Second Section
Downloadable Version HERE

Scanned Imagery courtesy PPS Archives
Free for Public Domain Use
Please do not repackage for sale.
This is a gift for the public.
Thank you.


Ann said...

I got so involved reading that i went to the second set of pages without downloading the first!! I knew i would!!!
Beyond being fabulous for altered was interesting that I did not know!!!
thanks so much Rose!! i know I will always find a treasure here!!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann: Glad you liked this one. It's an odd duck and (we think) very fun. :)

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