Wednesday, June 22, 2011

July 4th Color Me™ Page: A Key to a Famous Painting

Here is what we hope will be a fun and/or educational addition to today's earlier post of Independence Day ephemera.
This time, we are using different sources other than our own stock to add to the mix. We hope to be introducing other works outside our own stock (one example of this was our recently posted Wedding Bookplate Sets) now and again, as a part of our service to our readers. We hope you'll enjoy what we offer here in both cases.
So here's our two-part addition. 
Part One is the famous painting itself, Trumbull's Declaration of Independence. John Trumbull was a very prominent American artist. We highly recommend the reader follow the above link for more info on his life, work, and times.
Part Two is the Color Me™Sheet that offers a key to the painting--who were all those men, anyway? What were their names? We may recognize right off the few more well known men shown more prominently in the artist's composition. But as may be seen in the painting, there were many others present as well at the time.
This might even be a family project for a little further learning. If, that is, you can pull the kids away from their summertime activities for long enough to squeeze a wee bit more information into their brains. ;)
Happy Summertime Creative Fun!

John Trumbull's Painting
The Declaration of Independence

Downloadable Version HERE

PPS Color Me™ Sheet
The Who's Who in Trumbull's Painting
Downloadable Version HERE

Original (prior to our fiddling)
courtesy Wikimedia Commons


Ann said...

how cool!! this will be great for my grandkids!!!!(should keep them busy for a while!!!! thanks so much!!!xo

Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann: Are you sure? And aren't they a little too young for this?
Next time, something for the younger crowd--cross this possum heart!

The Altered Paper said...

A great Post! Thanks for sharing. Tee

Beansieleigh said...

Very interesting!! and I plan to cover John Trumbull with Dear Son next year in his homeschooling studies! He's a little old (17) for the coloring sheet, but not too old to learn the subject! (0; BIG hugs and thanks for sharing EVERYTHING you do! ~tina

artistamyjo said...

What a wonderful offering. Might just get out my art pens and play.
thank you...hugs. amy

Plush Possum Studio said...

Beansie: Thanks for the nice comment! We had it in mind some of our readers may be homeschooling their kids, and so thought this might be one way to learn about so important a subject.
For your son, having a guide to refer to may be of use,even if, at 17, he'd be way to old to appreciate its coloring potential!

Amy: I thought about using colored pencils! I guess our minds are working at it already!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Tee: Thanks! Glad to see you again in our comments. Haven't been by to see you lately. Guess I'll swing on by your place today.

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