Saturday, June 11, 2011

Taking a Mini Break

Just an update for our visitors.
We are doing a little overhauling of our behind-the-scenes operation, including ferreting out any even somewhat doubtful posts made from before.
In our daily activities, this isn't always possible.
Please bear with us as we do a little sorting first before posting again. That should be by the middle of next week, so only a few days away.
We do hope the average visitor won't mind this waiting period. It is meant to help maintain as pristine a source for the ephemera you wanted as we are able to create.
Meantime, relax, enjoy our scenery, so to speak, and perhaps find what you came to see.
We hope to see you around here a lot more in future.
From all of us in our Studio, Happy Creativity!


Ann said...

enjoy your "overhauling"!
we will miss you..looking forward to the middle of next week!!! fabulous that you posted a button on your sidebar for the Oklahoma Tornado Victim donation's being done by Becky and Lynn!!! Bought some sheets the other day to help out!! it's a wonderful thing they are doing ..and you by sharing it on your blog too!!! xo :)

Plush Possum Studio said...

I love how we can effect changes, make our world just a little bit better, just by pressing a few keys.

The view is breathtaking here. Have you ever been to Boulder? It's one of my favorite spots on earth, just because of the wonderful wilderness close to.
That's our "Wish You were Here" comment postcard for the evening! LOL

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Rose,

Glad you liked my doll cloths pattern envelope. I have a very large collection of old sewing and embroidery patterns. One day I'm going to clean up all of the embroidery patterns to offer. Do you like to hand embroider?

I started researching copyrights about a dozen or more years ago. It's almost {almost} as bad as reading the IRS code. {giggle}...but I stayed with it to determine what I could and could not offer. I think it's a bit confusing these days due to so so much being in the public domain now.

I know you'll get it all worked out so that you feel comfortable with your offerings.

Thanks so much for visiting with me...I'm also so happy to hear from you.

Pink Sparkles,
Stephanie ♥

Plush Possum Studio said...

Stephanie: I do indeed. Not that I've made a point to do any for some while. I'm usually pretty busy right here, doing the blog hosting along with digital art, etc.
I like old pattern books for crochet which contain designs dating from before the 1st World War. Not that anybody ever showed me how to translate those old timey stitch codes into our modern variety LOL!
I actually enjoy hand sewing more than sewing by machine, but that's another story.
Thank you for the good thoughts on the subject of all things copyright. It's not all that easy to put a finger on each area affected and say we know its every in and out....
The Graphics Fairy, our flag ship of good taste and all things legal, has her rule of thumb: nothing after the year 1923. I think it's a smart one. We usually try and stick with that, but our thoughts were not really comparing our hallmark post with such a discipline. Foolish, really. :(
Guess it really pays to check rethink and double check ALL sources and then have some measure of certainty. The hallmarks at a pottery which existed before copyrighting was invented still have legal rights to keep their hallmarks out of use by the public.
We just were not thinking outside the "image" box enough when this issue became prevalent. :(

Ah, well...Live and learn and grow from our mistakes. That's life! Better to learn now before our audience reaches enough people to have us REALLY worried. ;)

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