Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Apologies to Our Readers: Copyright Gaffers On Our Part

From 2011
It was decided we should check further into copyright infringement regarding certain hallmarks that were displayed in our last post on Meissen Porcelain, before posting it, or any other ephemera like it, here again. 

Although none of Meissen's actual hallmarks were posted, our thoughts turned to the rights of any other manufacturers' markings which may also share the same copyrighted distinction as any of the ones ever used by Meissen.

Our apologies to anyone whose work might be affected by that last post. We hope to keep better track of such facts in future.

In Addition

We also must apologize to anyone using our Victrola labels (LABELS only--our post on the workings of Gramaphone technology are well within copyright law) printout. These were not checked thoroughly enough and have been erased from the system as thoroughly as possible. In actuality, they were of much too recent a date, by at least a decade, and therefore were not safe to be used. Please make note of this and get rid of any downloaded copies you may have. As we do not currently have the RCA company's permission to include those images here, we are certain this would be best.

As copyright laws hold strong here in the United States as well as in other places around the globe, to continue to keep a post of this sort up would be out of line with our purposes here. 50 years following the demise of the designer or copyright holder is the general rule, although there have been exceptions.

So, please be aware, we are not infallible, so it might be wise to double check our sources if ever you are in doubt. We are doing our best to make this a user friendly site, and not something worth your worrying about. However, we are human, and make mistakes sometimes, and would rather not cause any of our readers to do the same.

Again, we are heartily sorry , and are currently working out a scheme by which our researches may be more comprehensively undertaken than before.

Plush Possum Studio


Mina said...

Oh honey, it happens. I don't know how you keep up with all of these copyright laws anyway! Thank you for all of the hard you put forth in sharing these fabulous images. Even though I don't comment every post, please know I never miss one.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Mina: You are a dear! it's really satisfying getting it right, but oh, how our gaffers hurt! Ouch! We really try our best, can't be perfect, yet laws are laws and we've broken one of them--twice in the same week! So, doubly ouchy for one and all here.
Your understanding take on what happened makes it better.
I hope you'll find plenty of reasons for coming back time after time, because then I know we'll be doing our job the correct way.
Rose :)

Ann said...

Rose, honest mistakes happen to everyone!! You are certainly not the first person who offers free images to have this happen!! Anyone who uses a free image needs to bear this in mind. Also,NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND could accuse you of intentionally breaking a copyright law. hONEY..THAT'S WHY PENCILS HAVE ERASERS!!!!..WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES!! Don't you worry about it! You've posted the,don't worry anymore!!! You put your heart and soul into every image you post..I will continue to come and be a Miss Piggy every time. Heck..I didn't realize there was a copyright issue..and if I didn't,then who am I to throw the first stone! I say..POOH on anyone who has a negative thought about you/your blog because of this!!
I love you images!! EVERY ONE OF THEM!!!!!! :)

Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann: Where would I be without friends like you and our other "regulars"?
Your words move me to tears with their gentle, rewarding kindness.
I've never had such a good time online in my life. You guys are too special for words. And that's all I'm gonna say at this point cuz a lump's building in my throat.

P.S. You and "Piggy" were always more than welcome to indulge here all you wanted and always will be.

Amy said...

no ONE is perfect -
i have made these SAME mistakes my self.

bummer, but you've made it all better and that is so cool of you.

i hope no one made you feel crappy about it.


Plush Possum Studio said...

Amy:I guess nobody's tried to make our day worse, much less mention how we had been mistaken. But our worries are genuine in that others who've already been by may not receive the news in time. That's been the constant worry throughout.
And we didn't catch it in time, especially not the Victrola gaffer.
That's what has me worried. I'll never know how many of our readers have already downloaded that page.
It makes me feel sick at my stomach. Maybe that seems extreme, but we get visitors from around the world, some of whom have no English. That these people might do something online with those images and then find they are not welcome to do so would really make us all feel pretty sad. We all feel just plum awful and ought to have been more watchful on some of the fine details inherent in image posting.
Tomorrow is another day, tho'.
Thanks, Amy for being a real pal thru our gaffer day.
Guess we'd better buckle down tomorrow and be a lot more cautious of what we put up online.....

All my friends, what a nice gesture to stand beside me now. You've all been great.

Lisa Purcell said...

I appreciate your posting the images for us to use and I think most people probably alter them tremendously anyway. Especially if they are going to sell the artwork. Most artists are aware that they need to exercise caution on their own part when using any images - knowing that you aren't perfect as none of us are. Thank you for continuing to share and please know that your readers enjoy and appreciate you and forgive you any small mistakes such as this. Hugs, Lisa

Plush Possum Studio said...

Lisa: We love that you enjoy our imagery, and hope to do better. And your forgiveness is mindful and kind, so sincere, obviously.

What may not seem so obvious is that some artists are more skilled at determining where their rights end and others' begin.
The important point to be made is, that we knew better and yet made the self same mistake twice in the same month.
You're right that many people generally alter away and may make many changes to an object or image, making it almost disguised to the point where nobody can tell the difference. It's a fine point of the law, however, and we were behind its posting, so then we are culpable.
As copyright laws can be about as hard to figure out as how somebody made images look completely different using processes only they would know about makes it certain there are too many of us NOT understanding what copyright laws are meant to do.
They are meant to protect the public as well as any artists whose work may be made public. In a way, I guess I feel it is our sacred duty to hold the public's trust uppermost in this project. That way,nobody need ever feel constrained to check or to worry.

It is our pleasure to serve the public and dish up whatever we find in the Studio's ephemera archives and make it clean enough that anyone may profit by its use. We hope to continue to do so well into the future, continually adding to our stock until it is crammed with goodies fresh for the picking.

It's been a fun journey here throughout.Here's to tomorrow!

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