Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Art From Two Friends

Today is a very special day. I get to blog again, and enjoy what I'm doing. For the past week, I have been kept overly busy and have hardly had a chance to say two words to you all, and I missed every minute.
Mostly, I missed being a part of the fun with creative people like our two Guests for the week.

Amy Jo Dayton at Art From the Heart and Ann at annsimaginationcreations have graced me this week with loveliness. I say this week in that I have had to be away for so long their gifts could neither be brought home nor viewed till now, even though they'd been sent along a week before.

It's an amazing experience being involved locally very little while becoming known somewhat internationally (visitors from all over the globe visit here daily now--another reason to be delighted with our home blog's early days). What surprised me more was how quickly I felt tucked under the wings of their bright nurturing. If you notice, dear reader, these two ladies grace every 'Possum here nearly every day with encouraging words which, truth be known, have urged us to keep with the routine and grow online. They are intelligent, thoughtful, and tenderheartedly caring individuals. This is an easy thing to find out when you hang out with them online as often as it has been our PPS pleasure to do so. For me, this goes double, as I am our blog's semi official "Hostess." Which means, I get to enjoy our crowd here every single time I log in to blog.

Amy's art I had never seen before, on or offline, until my gig here. Now I know her quality and grace quite well. I say grace in that it must not be denied how graceful a wise compatriot of the blogging world Amy Jo Dayton is. Her recent gift, using one of the images posted HERE, wowed me down to the ground with beauty. And what beauty her artwork now brings into my life! (and FRAMED too!!!!!)

Art by Amy Jo Dayton of Amy Jo's Folk Art Studio, Traverse City, Michigan
(In which every color fits with the decor of the front room! And the theme is divine! Love the frame's look too!!!!)

Three ATCs by Ann of
(sorry about the blur to the first card's look--we're still in the market for the right camera)

I am honored, wowed to tears here, for I am truly grateful to these two ladies for making me feel as comfortable as I now feel in this position. I owe it to both for making the time here in our earliest stages of growth, process, and development, all the warmer and more lighthearted. I can't begin to tell everyone just how much it has meant to find their lovely musings in the Comments box here at nearly every turn. And that doesn't even count the emails we've begun trading here in recent weeks.

I can't even recall the first time we started interacting here. It just seems like from Day One.

Ann I only lately began to know once she became our first Giveaway winner back in April of this year. As we had only been blogging a short time, our first prize package had special significance, made all the more special by the beautiful people we met along the way. There are several others who've paved the way to good relations, all of whom deserve mention, yet I know somehow they'll find it true how consistently there these two people are. That they latched onto this site when it had barely begun still stumps me. The why of it I could not tell you. I just know I'm enjoying every minute. And with these two women around, who wouldn't find our blogosphere a friendlier, warmer, safer environment to incubate new ideas? We're not hatched yet, and we are warmed by our Followers, Friends and Visitors to continue incubating and to hopefully become something more than just a few random ideas coming together at the same starting point.

So here's to Amy Jo and Ann!!! Long may they artfully blog!!!!!!!!!
Love you guys.
You are two special, special people.


artistamyjo said...

Yor are truly blessed with a gift of words Rose.
Such a lovely , lovely comment which means so very much to me.
I am delighted you like the collage. It was great fun,especially since I knew who it was going to.
Though I found your site rather by accident I was awed by the sincerity I felt in what you all were trying to accomplish. You have grown as have your followers and I see much success in the future of Plush Possum.
Every thing you post is different,unique and most of all free. A delightful word for we starving artists.
It has been a privilige to be with you from the start and I'll be right here as you continue to evolve.
I know my very good friend Ann will agree we throughly enjoy all your hard work.
Hugs, Amy

Ann said...

Rose..I am moved to happy tears by your words! How kind of you!! I do not have the eloquence that you and Amy have.My words have always been plain.THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! Amy's art has always inspired me..her friendship I treasure! As I treasure yours! Through your hard work and generosity I have the most fabulous collection of images,and everyone free. I would not be able to afford them..your kindness allows all of us to have access to wonderful images for our art.From day one,I couldn't miss a post!(although the other day I found I had!! IMAGINE THAT!!!). Not only do you share images..but also a wealth of knowledge!! I love learning about things pertaining to the images.
I'll be here until one of us stops blogging!!!
Amy's collage is a work of art and beauty! Several years ago,dear Amy had read a post about my Mother..a short while later,I became the proud owner of the most beautiful collage she made..beautifully framed!! It is hanging prominently in my home where I can see it all the time. EVERYONE who comes to my home asks me where I got it and how beautiful they think it is!! Enjoy your new work of art and the love that went with it!!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Amy: You've just illustrated why I know you two are sincere and kind. With tears in our eyes here at the Studio, we thank you right down to the ground for having been so staunchly, routinely a "valued customer" and now real friend.
As distances grow shorter owing to the internet's reach, we who value you know you better and are certain we are better off for it.
Your collage is now something to treasure and keep always.
Did you know you are the first person to ever send a gift of this sort made with one of the images posted here? That it came from you makes it all the more dear.
Thank You again, dear lady, for such a wonderful gift so perfect for me personally. Really, you don't know how ideal a work you have given, right down to every color chosen. The whimsy of it is so perfect it made me smile right off. And were you to visit the humble abode I dwell in sometime, you would note there's a pink chair, a floral lamp with a green base, a little black cabinet with wavy front and parchment colored drawers, a tablecloth (spread for teatime, of course--with goodies of just the right sort!) with all those colors you've chosen, and more.
A love of things musical has also been a part of my world for as long as I can recall. And that particular post happened to be one of my favorites at the time, as well.
Your childhood theme and cheerful pixie is just right for my heart and mind. Really, I cannot think of a single portion of what you have just made me the glad recipient of which isn't ideal.
So I am profoundly wowed, really and truly can't express to you enough how grateful I feel. I feel like a real prize-winner! Like you made me your next Giveaway winner and I didn't have to try for it.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann: Words fail me, dear friend. I am now all choked up.................
And nothing you have written strikes me as being plain and ordinary. That's because you have a true heart and deep feelings for your fellow creatures.

I don't quite know what I and the other 'Possums did that has made you so sincerely interested....well, I guess you already covered that here. :)
But what boggles is how often I do hear from you. Such a treat to know i'll always find something to smile about here at PPS because of you both.
You've both been my morale boosters when things seemed to start fraying around the edges, and my best advocates with others even after our failure's detection. I cannot thank you or your best pal Amy enough!
Tears fade, smiles remain. Kind of like our recent ATC theme, huh? :)
That I look to you both for an inside view on how we're doing and know you're not aimlessly praising any of our efforts, means you two have come to comprise the backbone for honesty here. To our work, this means everything. Which means you are benefitting others online just by being who you are.

And who was it, d'ya think, alerted us to the recent fund drive now linked to by PPS? That was you, of course! It's a great cause, and well worth celebrating! But we would not have known had you not taken the time to alert us.

Anyway, I just couldn't ask for two nicer people to keep me company online! And they deserve every word of praise I've written. That goes double for both.
Rose & Co.

Plush Possum Studio said...

You know, we are all just flabbergasted, humbled and thankful to be joined here by so prizeworthy a pair as our Ann with her Amy.
We are profoundly moved.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Rose,

I love the collage. I love playing with digital collage. It's relaxing to me.

Have a wonderful day,
Stephanie ♥

Plush Possum Studio said...

Stephanie: Isn't Amy's piece here a classic? I'm afraid you've got the wrong end of the stick, however, as this is one she has done by hand and then mailed to yours truly. I am one lucky recipient, am I not?

Mina said...

I just adore both Amy and Ann. They are not only gifted artists, but beautiful souls to encounter in this life. They bring such light into the lives of others.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Mina: We are fortunate that they are here. They make quite the pair too! Both big-hearted, lovely people.

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