Monday, October 31, 2016

Regency Paper Doll Room No. 2

This one is called a "morning room," as time was spent in such rooms for the sake of better light.

Imagine a world of candles and lanterns, with gaslights only in larger towns or cities, and then certainly not in most homes. Daylight was a precious resource in the times prior to gas and (later on) electric lighting.

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This project began using a charming antique watercolor painting. It really needed to be updated and refreshed, so I used Photoshop processes in order to change its appearance. The scale was not quite right at first, and that made the doll look gigantic! This also was changed for a better fit. At that moment, I simply fell in love with the details in this painting. It almost seems to tell us a story, doesn't it?

The room is cosy and full of color. There is mid morning light shining abundantly through a pretty window that has a lively swag atop  a set of semi sheer curtains. The lady who is seated by the fireplace is busy sewing by the light from that window. It looks like she will be there yet a while, as her mending basket is very full. Everything had to be sewn by hand using a needle and thread during the Regency times, as sewing machines would not be invented until Victoria's reign. The lady's feet rest upon a colorful hearth rug. Perhaps she has made that rug with her own two hands?

The comfortable looking sofa has thick cushions in a very bold and sunny color, doesn't it? I like the cute embroidered footstool.There are a number of paintings adorning the wood paneled walls of this cheery room. Notice the very large mirror above the mantlepiece. Such an item would have been afforded only by people with very good incomes during Regency times. It would have reflected light from any windows as well as from any possible candles. In front of the mirror there are three bell jars with very precious things displayed inside each of them. At the center is a very fine clock, while on either side sit matching vases that look quite fancy indeed.

There is more going on in this lively room, however. A (possibly naughty) little dog is playing with someone's slipper! 

As per usual, all 4 downloads are included, one for each portion of this antique watercolor picture that is the newest room. You'll note that I have labeled them with "UL" for Upper left, and so forth. The assembly is fairly straightforward. There are hints and instructions to be found at this link HERE

I hope to be able to add to my Regency Paper Doll collection in time for Jane Austen's birthday (in December).

Happy Playtime Creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: Regency Paper Doll Room No. 2

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