Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Victoria's Autumn Sunday Best

Her style has become more grownup as she has gained a little more maturity, hasn't it?

Today's outfit is to be worn mainly for church services but also for special occasions. Victoria's grandmother has had this pretty fall dress tailor made for her granddaughter. To complete this new ensemble, Grandmother Lacey has ordered a very fashionable and grownup style of hat. This gift of new clothes has been presented to Victoria on a Saturday, so that she might wear it the very next day.

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Now back at home following a few weeks at her very first tutoring position, Victoria's mind is turning towards her home life once again. She won't have to attend classes until after the turn of the new year. Despite this, she will practice her conversational French daily with her Grandmother as her teacher and also continue her reading schedule.

Soon, she will be able once again to enjoy the company of her cousin, Mercy, who (unbeknownst to Victoria) has a few surprises waiting for her. The two are due to have what we might call a "sleepover" or a "slumber party," just the two of them, as best friends often like to. But there has also been proposed a small tea party of a quieter sort. To this Mercy plans to invite only a few guests, mainly family members and a few very close friends. But we'll save that for another day.

Happy Autumn Playtime!

PPSPlaytime™: Victoria's Autumn 
Sunday Best

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Gaila Gilliland said...

I really like all these paper doll clothes. Our actual paper dolls available

Plush Possum Studio said...

Thanks for stopping by. I also offer am updated version of the antique original doll. Many of the items of clothing which I offer never were intended for use as paper doll clothes to begin with. This took many hours of work for me to create. Tom is my own unique creation, and his wife, Mercy, is obviously Victoria turned about but with a new look, a more grown up corset, and so forth. All of these factors have contributed to my having copyrighted my Paper Dolls with outfits, accessories and Scenery.
It all takes WORK, doesn't it?

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