Thursday, October 13, 2016

Victoria's New Riding Costume

Some friends of Victoria's family have a stable.

Victoria has been offered her first opportunity to try her wings at tutoring. Some family friends have three children, one of whom is now aged 14. It is this younger girl whom Victoria will be teaching for a while till the girl's parents can find a replacement governess. The sudden elopement marriage of their previous governess took place only a few days ago, and so they have had to act quickly. Who more trustworthy to leave their daughters with than someone who's known them all since they were still in their cradles?

Victoria is to be paid for her work for the very first time in her young life! She is quite excited by this sudden turn of events, and pleased with the behavior and intelligence of her new sweet pupil, whose name is Susan. The other two pf the three children, Mary (aged 12) and John (aged 8) are to be temporarily schooled by their mother and grandmother until such time as the new governess may be hired.

There is time off for Victoria during her busy weeks during which she is being encouraged to ride one of the family's horses! Her riding habit looks very smart, wouldn't you agree? The highly tailored waistcoat has a special curvy front placket, and her high silk covered hat is held in place with some pretty hat pins. (We are allowed to see just one of those pins in this picture.) You wouldn't know it, but her skirt is hiding a secret, for underneath it she is wearing a special pair of riding trousers! This was a common occurrence for women riders of the late 19th century.

The riding crop she is holding has a hard handle at one end and a soft folded flap of leather at the other end. With this softer leather bit, she will gently signal her mount to move ahead or to speed up for her. Her boots are flat soled and lower heeled than most of her shoes are, allowing for greater comfort in the saddle.

Coming soon will be the horse she will ride. Her cousin, Mercy, may join her during a part of her stay in the lovely autumn countryside of Surrey.

"Walk on!"

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