Friday, November 4, 2016

Tea and Company with Mercy

A new room + two new outfits and the latest news about Mercy!

Victoria's cousin Mercy and her husband, Tom, are staying for a few months with his family while their new home is being made ready for them. Their time with family has been very pleasant, although recently some family members have gone traveling for a while. To make up for the loss, Victoria has come to stay a while in the rambling old fashioned house near Grosvenor Square.

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Mercy's cousin and best friend, Victoria has been invited to stay for three weeks while Tom is away on business. Tom's parents, meanwhile, are at the country estate belonging to some friends. This means that our two young cousins may do whatever they like for three whole weeks.

What shall they do with their free time today? I am glad that you've asked. They are about to entertain a few guests for late afternoon tea! This will not be what the northern parts of Great Britain considered then to be "high tea," as that was more for artisan workers, and after a long day's work. However, this relatively casual gathering will offer something more wholesome than simply tea and sweets or digestive biscuits.

Both fashionable young ladies are wearing the very latest in tea gowns. A tea gown was a part of a fashion and health movement during Victorian times known as "the Rational Dress" movement. Women could relax in looser clothing (such as a tea gown) and with no corsets on for hours at a time, thus allowing their insides to be as healthy as possible.

For Victoria, this will be her very first fancy tea gown ever. You'll notice how parts of this gown's design and cut are a bit like that of her peignoir. The one main difference between the two styles maybe seen at the waistline, as well as in the length of the skirt at the back.

As you may have already noticed, Mercy's special gown accommodates two now. She and Tom are expecting their first child sometime before spring. She seems both comfortable and elegant in her new purple velvet gown trimmed with rich feathers (yes - feathers!). Her cousin is wearing a pretty blue gown patterned with flowers that is adorned with flounces and ruffles of lace. Both carry fans. This was a common fashion accessory in the wearing of formal but friendly tea attire. Mercy's is a hand painted one made with guards and sticks of mother of pearl.

Their guests are not likely to wear such loose clothing as tea gowns. After all, nobody would dare to travel or be out in public wearing such attire. The fashion was intended more for time spent among one's family and closer friends.

Mercy and Victoria have been busy laying the table. Soon, the pretty room full of antique furniture will shine with some of Tom's mother's china and silverware. Hot water for tea will be sent upstairs from the kitchen in the basement to the first floor (which was never the ground floor, but the one above it). From there, a maid will fetch it from a sort of a small elevator made especially for dishes and food that is called a "dumbwaiter." Next, she will deliver it to be poured.

The little party will start more as a light supper or late luncheon with soup, a salad, and some little finger sandwiches. This was not customary, but in informal settings, one could always choose one's menu to suit everybody's taste. The dessert part of the menu will offer the guests a number of delightful choices. -Not forgetting, of course, plenty of tea and good conversation.

Perhaps one day you, too, will give your own tea party for your closest friends or family. Tea time recipes for just such a repast may be found at a variety of sites online, among them this one HERE and also this one HERE.

Happy Teatime Creativity!

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bfmama said...

I love these paper dolls, and I love reading the stories you tell with them. They're so interesting, and fun! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into these! :-)

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hi bfmama!
Thanks for your kind support. Most of the guests seem too busy for comments nowadays. All that social media keeps 'em busy, I guess.
SO very pleased you enjoy the little stories. There will soon be a few new ones, including one for my Regency collection.
:-) xoxo

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