Friday, October 21, 2016

Playtime Accessory: Horseback Riding Action Figure

Victoria is enjoying her autumn times off from her new tutoring job!

This is a card stock project.

With her newest adventure in growing up has come this wonderful surprise of being allowed to wake up nearly every morning and go out riding. The name of the horse she has been leant is Star, for the pretty white marking on his forehead. The family who have leant her this sweet horse are friends of her family's, and whose daughter needs to be helped with her studies for a while until a new governess can do the job. This will supply Victoria with some fine references to go along with both her excellent test cores and her experiences of foreign languages abroad over the summer.

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Riding out freely in the fresh country air is a special privilege, as it is an expensive venture to keep a horse, especially if one is living in a large town or city in Victoria's era. She intends to spend every precious moment out galloping over the green grass and fallen leaves of the family's estate. On her arrival home again, she is generally greeted by a healthy breakfast with some warming tea in her friends' Breakfast Room - a cheerful room which faces east in order to catch the morning sun.

Her evenings may be spent with her own studies.these must be kept up with, for her next term will require more of her than ever before. The head of her academy is quite confidant in allowing Victoria to skip one term in favor of finishing her sojourn abroad along with this rare opportunity to teach before graduating. Come springtime, she will be preparing to take a number of tests, as well as for life as a newly graduated young scholar.

The Action Figure has its own custom standard. Simply follow the instructions printed clearly on its middle, and you should have complete success with this project. The one tricky part would have to be the cutting out of the Figure itself. I recommend smaller scissors, used with care, for the trickier parts. As already mentioned, this is a card stock project. To use paper would only lead to disappointment almost immediately.

This Figure has had to be redone several different ways. After all, the paper doll itself is much too short to accommodate the height of a horse to match in scale, and so I had to decide for the Figure rather than an outfit with a horse involved. Please see the separate Paper Doll Riding Costume by following this link HERE

This Action Figure could not be a very high quality image - certainly not as high in quality as most of the Paper Doll collection here at PPS. All the same, I think that it will be a fun addition for anybody's paper doll set!

In any case, Happy Playtime Creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: Victoria as Horseback Action Figure

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