Friday, September 18, 2015

For the Harvest: a Free Illustration

A Free Harvest Graphic of Old Alsace

Isn't this an interesting taste of the world's past? Most people were farmers only a century or two ago. Then heavy industry was introduced, and mining became more of a concern so that metals could be had for the use of industrial machines. (This led to more coal mining, as well)

We have mainly forgotten some of the simpler joys of bringing our harvest in from the fields, as a personal "harvest" would appear to happen nearly every time that there is a new paycheck.

I respect the farming peoples of the world, as I do all working men and women. This old print will hopefully teach us a little history about the region of Alsace, along with their harvesting season. The woman with the rake is a favorite of mine, yet they all look interesting to me.

Alsace would later become a hotly contested area during two World Wars, during which times much history was lost due to the vagaries and ugliness of war.

Let's bring our Harvest in today with love and concern for our neighbors! And let's share the bounty with those less fortunate than ourselves as well.

Happy Harvest Creativity everybody!

PPS™Harvest Ephemera: Old Alsace

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Let's allow free things to remain free!
Thank you.


Sunshineshelle said...

Wow, how farming gear has changed, pleased to see sunsafe hats were in vogue!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hi,Sunshineshelle Thanks for stopping by. Coming from a family of fair-skinned redheads as i do, a sunshade hat is a must!

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