Saturday, September 12, 2015

Free Oceanic Images and Backgrounds

PPSDigiScrap™Oceanic Beauty 
Part 1

(NOTE: Guests may view the entire Oceanic beauty Collection by following this link HERE.)

This is just a Sampler post, to show a few ways in which the elements within the Collection might be used. The very first post is all about showing our guests various examples of ways in which to use the new, big set. And it is a very big set of images. It is a favorite theme at the Studio.

This came from several things in the Studio's archives, along with several items found in the Public Domain. These have been processed, and offered as accessories, in several different ways.

Part 1 is all about the Examples. Background Color titles are listed this time underneath each of the examples. (These are the same backgrounds that will be offered later on, in both sizes.)

Part 2 will be Backgrounds in 2 sizes, 12 inches x 12 inches and 11inches x 8.5 inches. That will be posted later on, hopefully today.

Part 3 will include Accessories, an assembly of shells, undersea botanicals, and so forth. Hopefully this will be up before Monday.

Brushes used for the backgrounds were all by (that is a link).

So here is Part 1, or the Examples. These are hopefully a way for the Studio's guests to view a few of the many possibilities about to be offered within the new set.

Happy Creativity!

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