Wednesday, September 9, 2015

For Autumn: A Free Harvest Graphic of Nuts

Antique Autumn Harvest print

I love old pen and ink drawings on parchment, don't you? The way the parchment ages, and the ink with it, generally makes for a soft, warm set of tones for us to enjoy.

And it's such a pretty old document, that it seemed irresistible. It has had to have a few things done to it, of course. The size could only be expanded so much before it began to lose a bit of its clarity, so it is neither very large nor very expandable. However, it was just pretty enough to make it useful for collage, decoupage, Book Artistry, etc.

It is fast becoming one of my favorite finds in years.  A few clean-up skills had to be applied, as the machine it was scanned with had some dust, lint and possibly even a hair or two on its surface during scanning. It's always a matter of choice, as to how much cleaning could ruin the antique tone of any image, and so any try at so-called "perfection" would have simply ruined all of its antique charm. After all, it is well over 400 years old, and thus it has earned the right to look its age! But this just makes it more fun to look at, doesn't it? 

This one is in the Public Domain, and that is where I think it needs to remain.

From the 1600's, a very volatile yet interesting century, and in the same year as the Great Fire of London, here is our latest Public Domain gift for our guests.
Let's keep free things free!

Happy Creativity!

PPS™ Harvest Ephemera Sepia Nut Print

Download Printable JPG HERE

Our Display copy 
(at a lower resolution than the download)

Simply click on the image below for a closer look 
at this lovely old image!


Sim said...

Super vintage sketches! Thank you so much! :)

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hi Sim! So glad you stopped by and saw this lovely old pen and ink sketch. I can't claim to ever have done so well using a dip style pen and some ink in my life. I think that this is a wonderful set of images all in one. So good of you to comment!
I'll try and stop by your place later on to see what you've been creating!

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