Friday, September 11, 2015

Our Salute to Fire Fighters

Free Fire Fighter Graphics

Today is September 11th here in the USA, and therefore it is a solemn and important anniversary for us all.

In honor of the day's observances, the Studio is offering the following images for free. These were supplied initially by The first is a collage set. The second is a lower resolution item than would normally be offered here, but it appears to be the sort of item which children might color. It is a slice of history, an illustration from an old newspaper article. It looked rather untidy, and so has been softened a bit. It is by no means of fine enough quality for framing, but rather for coloring in by children.

Please read our red letters below for legal guidelines.
Thank you.

So here's to the heroes whose lives were in danger throughout that fateful time.
And here is our salute to just one gathering of people from among the many, many heroes of that time: the Fire Fighters. Quite frankly, I see them all as heroic all of the time for us. Somehow, though, during our disasters they seem to really rise to even greater heights as people with every harrowing act of heroism.

PPS™ Fire Fighter Collage Set

Download Printable JPG HERE

The Display Copy 
(at a lower resolution than the download above)

Click on image for enlarged view

PPSColorMe™ Page: A Brave Fire Fighter

Download Printable JPG HERE

The Display Copy
(at a lower resolution even than the download)

You are free to:
use the above images in art for educational
or personal purposes.
These images are a part of the Collection.
Therefore, that library has ultimate ownership.
Let's keep free things, free!
Thank you.

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