Sunday, September 6, 2015

Free Basket Graphic

Baskets for Sale!--in this case, free!

I love old graphics, especially when they are in the Public Domain and can be freely had by anybody who might happen to like them.

This one had to be enhanced a little bit for our modern printers. It has been modified slightly in order to allow for coloring, etc. 

I can only begin to imagine what this young Frenchman of the nineteenth century must have thought about his life and occupation. Times were difficult often in France during his era, as history shows us. (I actually am uncertain as to his nationality, but am guessing) 

From his slightly crumpled hat to the ordinary way his clothes look, he was most likely trying hard to keep a roof over his head at the time. Many of us can no doubt relate to just such a struggle.

Today's graphic is being offered two ways, in sepia tone and in black and white. This is now in the Public Domain, free for anybody interested in it. (Please see red guidelines, below)

Happy Creativity!

PPS™ A Basket Full of Hope

Download the version below HERE

Download the same in Black and White HERE

The Sepia Tone Version is shown Below 
(lower resolution than our downloads)

You are free to:
use this graphic in art for fun or for profit.
Please do not sell this graphic as is.
Let's keep free things free!
Thank you.

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