Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Oceanic Beauty: A Colorful Ornamental Fish

A Fish Ornament for Page Decorating

This was originally found in the Public domain, yet had to be altered significantly before it could be used. Please read the red letter guidelines at the bottom of this post. Thank you.

I actually liked how different colors could be given to this fish so that its appearance could become very different. This made it a fairly versatile image to offer. The original colors of blue and salmon pink were augmented using Photoshop. Then, once other colors were tried, all of them seemed fairly successful. The copper colored one is a personal favorite.

Within the Background Set, offered previously, are the same colors of blue and pink. The Coral seems to work nicely as a darker version of this pink (at least on my screen--and everybody's is different, believe it or not). The Aquamarine Background seems to work nicely with the blue half of the more colorful version of this fish ornament. The Background Set, also in both sizes, may be found by going HERE.

Other accessories are likewise available in more than one post, so exploring this blog's most recent offerings might be fun.

Once the fish ornament became altered, other background colors were then added. In other words, it should all color coordinate fairly well, depending upon the style of printer in a guest's home office. That is the main reason for offering 7 different colors and numerous choices here at PPS.

Creative people love to use accessories! And we also love to use color!

So here is the Ornamental Fish Set, in 2 different sizes, one for Printing and one for purely Digital purposes. The print version should print fairly well using any home printer. The larger one, of course, is mainly for the DigiScrap crowd, and thus is not intended to fit the average home printer. 

Despite its usefulness in the making of scrapbooks and memory books, I can see this fish ornament as possibly being used in the making of a card or an art journal page. It's really very unusual, wouldn't you agree?

Happy Creativity!

PPSDigiScrap™ Ornamental Fish Set

Download Digital version  (12 inch by 12 inch PNG) HERE
Download Printable (business size paper) version HERE

Display copy
(unsuitable for printing due to lower quality)

You are free to:
use any of the above images in art making
for either fun or for profit.
You are not free to:
ever sell any of them, either as is, or as a set (or in sets).
Let's allow free things to remain free!
Thank you.


Sunshineshelle said...

I love these, you are such a sweetheart to share for reuse... now I need to think of something to create ;)

Plush Possum Studio said...

Thank you, Sunshineshelle !
Aren't these fun?

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