Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Special Gift + a Room for Victoria

A gift from a loving grandmother has just been delivered. Included below is also a new Room.

This gift had to be ordered in advance from a lingerie shop in Paris. Victoria's Grandmother Lacey wanted her to have something especially pretty and fashionable to wear in the evenings while on her travels

Please respect my red letter Guidelines here. Thank you.

This very special gift is something unexpected. Victoria's cousin Mercy has helped their grandmother with all arrangements so that delivery would be timely. This had to be a well guarded secret for weeks. The pretty peignoir is that gift. (For a quick lesson in the French pronunciation of that word, along with its actual meaning, you may follow this link HERE and click on the little speaker symbol beside the word) 

I am offering this sweet night robe in two colors, magenta and blueThe choice is yours. Either color will work nicely with every hair color that is being offered with the New Look style of paper doll, available HERE.  The Instructions and hopefully helpful hints for assembling the room that goes with this outfit may be found HERE. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask with a comment. I will do my best to respond. (please forgive this problem with sudden changes in font sizes here. It is an ongoing problem I've faced since earlier this year)

The Room is, of course, Victoria's room at a rather grand and spacious hotel in Paris. It has antique furnishings, tall walls, and a fancy plastered ceiling. The rug underfoot is very soft and comforting. In fact, this is the most elaborate room in which Victoria has ever stayed. She sees her visit to this fine hotel as a gift, too. After all, without the generosity of her family, no such special treat as she is experiencing would ever have been possible for her. It is her grandmother's family who have so generously all worked together in order to offer her this wonderful and educational time abroad.

But the fun for Victoria is only just beginning!

Below, I am offering the peignoir (or robe) first, followed by each of the 4 separate sections of the Room. 

Notes on Some Quality Issues with this Room:
Now, I am not altogether pleased with the quality of this Room. I do hope that guests will forgive its lower than normal quality. I actually have had a very tough time trying to find just the right images that will not only work to scale or size for the doll but that would make sense within the story line. I've faced quality issues ever since I first began blogging here in that I tend to choose and offer mainly higher quality images wherever possible. 
I actually prefer 300dpi resolution images for use with each doll, especially in Room images. However, this simply has not always been possible for me. For some reason, paintings of interiors from the right decade that are in good enough condition have been extremely difficult to find or use. I've often faced some of my tougher challenges with Rooms and Scenes for my paper doll collection.

That being said, here is the pretty new robe, followed by the new Room ~

Happy Playtime Creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: Room and French Robe Set
for Victoria

Download Blue Robe HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

Download Magenta Robe HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

Room (in 4 sections)

Download Upper Left HERE

Download Upper Right HERE

Download Lower Right HERE

Download Lower Left HERE

Display version with outfit
shown below

Image credit for room:

©RHMcGuinn as are all of the rest of the Paper Dolls, outfits, rooms, Scenes and Accessories, including standards. 
Thanks for the courtesy.
You are free to:
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the images being offered within this post.
You are not free to:
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Thank you
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