Saturday, July 16, 2016

Victorian Era Seed Packet Art

This has had to be changed radically by me in order to make it both a little more more usable and attractive.

Whenever I find something as fun to look at as this image truly is for me, I feel a genuine urge to clean it up and make it look fresher.

Please respect my time, effort, and (therefore) also my copyrights. Also, please observe the red letter Guidelines below. Thank you.

I really like the way that the young man is standing comfortably with his booted feet in the summertime sun. The contrast between his comfort (open collar, rolled up sleeves) on an extra warm and sunny day and the long sleeves, high collars and fuss and frill of the two ladies aboard their little two wheeled gig makes me smile. The one young woman is enjoying the flavor of the slim slice of watermelon the boy has just offered her. Perhaps there will be a sale?

There are melons in the foreground and in the background of this picture as well. It's such a pretty summer scene, that I simply couldn't resist the opportunity of sharing it here at the Studio's blog.

There's just one problem, however. I am fresh out of melons and yet would have enjoyed a nice, refreshing melon slice snack today!

Happy Summertime Creativity!

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You are free to:
use the seed graphic shown above
in works of art that may be either given away or sold.
You are not free to:
ever sell it as is, either alone or as a part of a set.
Thank you
for helping me to
keep free things free!

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