Friday, March 4, 2016

A Brave Knight Slays a Dragon

This is offered in sepia and also in grey scale (meaning black, white and grey).

There is a scuffle. Dust is even flying somewhat. Our brave knight sits astride his armored horse valiantly, spear at the ready. He uses a spear and not a jousting lance here in order to kill his foe. The dragon has had to be hunted. The dogs have been in hot pursuit of the beast for a while, yet they are ready to tackle the dire dragon. The landscape is desolate--not a soul around to witness the final blow to the dragon.

I like dragons a lot. They've interested me for years. There are detailed illustrations in tapestries, stone monuments and paintings the world over.  Such mysterious creatures are said in legendary tales to have had to be fought or killed because they were very dangerous for a number of reasons.

One account via folklore from Wales tells of how the smaller ones were "as bad as foxes for poultry."

This one, however, isn't going to steal anyone's livestock once our knight has had the final say.

I can imagine that colored pencils, pan pastels, watercolors or even gouache might add some color to the scene. It is not strictly for coloring, although that depends upon your point of view.

Other Knight illustrations that are more easy to color may be found by going HERE and HERE.

For another even scarier Dragon coloring page, you can go HERE. (the scarier dragon one is not recommended for very young children due to its content)

Happy Dragon Hunt Creativity!

PPS™ A Brave knight and His Dogs Slay a Dragon

Download regular black + White HERE

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Download Sepia toned version HERE

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