Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Paper Doll Room 3

Victoria's Aunt and Uncle Lacey do have a very grand place to call home, don't they?

Aunt and Uncle Lacey have invited the entire family to spend all of Sunday afternoon with them. Victoria's new dress will look bright and pretty beside the highly decorative furnishings in the stately house.

Please see the red letter Guidelines beneath the Download section of this post. Thank you.

There are two old fashioned forms of dress in the Display picture below. The most obvious one is worn by Victoria herself. The second one is in the grand old Conservatory in the distance. The statue which is on display wears a simply cut Greek or Roman style dress. Many refined homes during the Victorian era had statues in them. This one is kneeling in an indoor garden. Such gardens were often called "conservatories" because they acted like greenhouses by conserving (or preserving) exotic plants of all sorts.

For instructions for assembly of this room, please follow the link HERE.

This particular finished Room measures 19 inches across by 14 inches high, without the white margins. I recommend leaving around one half inch white margin space on every outside side, but trim away the ones where the 4 pieces will meet.

Below you will find the Display first, followed by 4 separate Download links, each one labeled as its position in the "puzzle."
Margins in the downloads are wider than the average. Please measure carefully when cropping and do follow the tips and hints listed via the instructions link above.

I've waited for months before adding this new room to the collection. It's nice to let it out in the open!

Happy Playtime Creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: Paper Doll Room Number 3

Display version:

Download Upper Right HERE
Download Lower Right HERE
Download Lower Left HERE
Download Upper Left HERE.

You are free to:
 use this Download Set for creative playtime, 
although not for sale.
It may be found in its original, unrefreshed look 
at Wikimedia Commons.
It's in the Public Domain.
Let's keep Free things free!


bfmama said...

This is lovely! I've always loved the old conservatories! Ah, if I was rich, this is what I'd have! :-) The link for upper left goes to the wrong piece, though.

Thank you!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Oh dear! Thanks for the heads-up!
I'll fix this right away!

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